25 August 2011

Review: The girl with the silver eyes - Willo Davis Roberts

The girl with the silver eyes by Willo Davis Roberts
published 1980
children's book
bought my copy

When people see 9 year old Katie Welker for the first time, they immediately notice her unususal silver eyes. And more often than not they keep their distance to her because of her strange eyes. So Katie spends a lot of time alone and with reading. What most people don't know is that Katie's eye colour is not the most exceptional thing about her. She has the abilty to do telekinesis, but would never use her ability to really harm other people.
When Katie is forced to move and start anew in a foreign neighbourhood, things begin to change. For the first time Katie realizes that maybe she is not the only one with special talents.
Will Katie find more children with silver eyes?

I first read about this book a few months ago and thought that it would be a cute and extraordinary story to read, so I added it to my wishlist. When I then saw the new, fantastic cover for "The girl with the silver eyes",  I had to have a copy of this book immediately.
It's a short story, 181 pages, and if I had to choose one word to describe it, I would use adorable. Katie is such a cute and adorable little heroine. How she sees the world and how she manages her days was both amazing and at times a bit sad. I loved that the author made Katie a bit impish, it made reading so story very entertaining and I had to laugh a lot. The way she used her telekinesis to annoy her babysitters and people who were aggressive towards her, was IMO great and made Katie very lovable. I love people who are a bit impish and don't let others get away with rude behaviour. 

Most people, myself included, tend to concentrate too much on how people look instead of on how people act and what they do. Katie learned the hard way that just because you look a bit weird people tend to treat you differently (and not in a positive way). After reading this book I feel that I should try harder to just accept how people look without judging them, what people do is way more important than how they look. 

I would have loved to read this book as a child and even though I'm no longer one, I still enjoyed every page of this little book a lot. Katie's intelligence and wit, the new friendships she forms and the search for other children with silver eyes were all fantastic parts of this cute book. 

Love it, the cover fits perfectly to the story and is gorgeous.

final appraisal
"The girl with the silver eyes" is an adorable, short book that made me laugh a lot and think about judging others just because they look differently. Katie is an amazing little heroine and made this book fantastic.
I think this book should work for adults, young adults and children. So if you are in the mood for an extraordinary story with an adorable heroine go and get a copy of "The girl with the silver eyes". 


  1. Seems to be a fantastic book. I think I will buy it in the next weeks ;) I like the cover a lot! It's simply gorgeous!

  2. @ Sky: I also love the cover, publishers should never understimate the power of a good cover!

  3. Oo I do like this cover so much better than the one I have seen before on a review. And I love your review as well Sabrina, I sometimes still read my childrens books, and this one sounds like fun. I get a kind of Mathilda vibe (you know that movie with Danny de Vito as the father?)

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it looks so beautiful plus your love for books shines through :o)

    I love reading and, although I own many books that I have yet to read, I am always on the look out for new ones! I am adding 'The Girl with the Silver Eyes' to my list! Thanks :o)

  5. @ Aurian: You are so right, Katie is really a bit like Matilda (love the movie). I read children's books when the synopsis interests me, sometimes they are truly wonderful.

    @ Liesel: Welcome to About Happy Books and thanks for the kind words.

  6. My best friend and I loved this book when we were younger. I borrowed it from her so much that both of our moms tried to find a copy for me but it was out of print. The new cover is gorgeous, but the older 80's versions (there were 2) showed Katie's sass. I always wanted a sequel for THE GIRL WITH THE SILVER EYES, maybe we'll get one now. :)

  7. i loved this book so much. i even did a book report on it!

  8. Look's like a good book.

  9. I love this book! I think Katie is such a intelligence little girl and yeah.... I for sure using this book for my BOOK REPORT!!!

  10. I'm doing this book for a book report and it is amazing. :) :) :) But can't figure out who the 4 peoples names that have silver eyes. ?




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