22 August 2011

Review: Eona - Alison Goodman

Eona by Alison Goodman
published April 2011
#2 (final book) in the Eon series
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Eona finally made the move from being Eon to who she really is. She is the first Mirror Dragoneye in 500 years and the only hope of the resistance to stop the cruel Lord Ido and High Lord Sethon, who want's to be the next emporer. Together with a group of rebels, Ryko, Lady Dela and Kygo, the rightful Pearl Emporer, she will fight against the deadly enemy and his army. Together with her dragon Eona is willing to do anything to stop the terror and give Ryko the chance to become Emporer.
Will Eona succeed and what will happen with the Dragons?

In "Eona" Alison Goodman continues seamlessly what started so brilliantly in "Eon". Goodman has managed to write two equally engaging and fantastic books that make the Eon duology one of my favourite fantasy stories I ever read.

Once again Goodman's writing style transported me into the foreign and dangerous world that Eona lives in. Once again I felt like I was actually there instead of sitting at home with the book. And once again Goodman did it effortlessly, her writing style felt natural and so did the new plot developments. The story from "Eon" was continued without creating any unlogical or over the top situations.

In "Eona" you get a thrilling story, power plays, murderous intrigues, a beautiful love story and a power triangle. The book was thrilling, dramatic and emotional, I was never bored while reading and always excited to read on. The book is a thick one, 637 pages, but still I never felt like the story dragged on or that some parts of the story were superfluous.

I don't want to talk about what happens in "Eona" as regards content but I can promise you that I loved the direction the story took. I was a bit suprised by the love story and by what I like to call the power triangle, but both things worked perfectly. The one thing I would have loved to see was a beautiful epilogue about what Eona's future and her relationship with the man she loves looks like after the end. I love neat book endings and knowing exactly how the future for the love pair looks like, but I also know that such a neat, perfect happy ever after wouldn't have fit to the story and the world the book plays in. But you can bet that I created a beautiful HEA for Eona and her man in my mind.

After reading "Eon" and "Eona" I can't wait to read more fantasy novels by Alison Goodman. I will check out her older books and I'm excited for future projects. 

The cover looks great and breathtaking. 

final appraisal
In "Eona" the story that started so amazingly in "Eon" ist masterfully continued and finished. Once again I loved being transported into Eona's world and enjoyed following her every step. This book is full of intrigues, power games, fights and even love - the story always stays exciting and interesting . 
I would recommend this book and "Eon" to all readers who enjoy fantasy novels.

Eon duology
1. Eon - my review
2. Eona

for more info on the author and her books go to http://www.alisongoodman.com.au/


  1. Thanks for the review Sabrina, I already wanted to read this series after your first review.

  2. @ Aurian: I really hope that you will enjoy the books as much as I did.




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