19 August 2011

Review: Circle of Fire - Michelle Zink

Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink
published August 2011
#3 (final book) in the Prophecy of the Sisters series
gothic fantasy YA
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Lia and her friends are still trying to find the missing keys and to solve the mystery behind the Prophecy. Even though they make progress Lia knows that she will not be able to go on for much longer. Her dreams get more frightening every night and she knows that she's getting weaker every day. When Lia finally understands what needs to be done to end the Prophecy for good, she feels like there is no hope anymore.
Will Lia manage to end the Prophecy before it's too late for herself and her friends?

"Circle of Fire" fits perfectly in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy. It's written in the same engaging and yet soothing writing style and the story is continued seamlessly. The story ends in a way that I expected since the end of book 1, so I was quiet satisfied with it.
"Circle of Fire" impresses through it's wonderful characters, both main and secondary. Lia is once again a heroine that's not perfect or always nice. Michelle Zink did a great job with describing Lia's struggles and her doubts about her friends and even herself. I liked that the past months changed Lia and that she knows it. At the end of the book I would have loved to hug her and tell her that she did a fantastic job.

The scenes with Lia and Dimitri were all swoon worthy. Dimitri is such a strong man and the way he showed Lia his love and support was beautiful. He really was a great hero, that he appreciated what Lia was willing to do showed how amazing he was.

I also enjoyed the scenes between Lia and her friends Sonia, Luisa and Brigid. Their friendship was not always easy or perfect, but in the end they were there for each other. I loved that the girls were willing to support Lia in her desicions and that they trusted in her.

For the first time in the series I felt like I got to know Alice a bit better and even managed to understand her a bit. Of course some of the things she did were unforgivable but in the end I liked her. The scenes that made me cry in this book were between Lia and her dead family, especially one scene between Lia and Henry was very emotional and beautiful.

The Prophecy of the Sisters series is wonderfully written and I'm happy that I discovered it. Michelle Zink managed to write three equally great books and I'm already excited for her next project. 

Gorgeous and just as great as the other two covers in the series.

final appraisal
"Circle of Fire" was the perfect way to end the Prophecy of the Sisters series. The book entertained me through it's thrilling action and especially through Lia, who is a vulnerable and yet amazingly strong heroine.
I would recommend this book and the whole series to all readers interested in beautifully written fantasy novels.

Prophecy of the Sisters series
1. Prophecy of the Sisters
2. Guardian of the Gate
3. Circle of Fire


  1. Great review! Just recently finished Circle of Fire and loved it! The perfect end to the series!

    New follower.

    Erin from Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic

  2. @Little_Dhampir91: Couldn't agree more.
    Just checked out your blog and it's great!

  3. I red that Lia and Dimitri do something in this book. Can a 14year-old girl read it??? I want to buy the book as a present!
    Hope you're right!

  4. There's one scene in which they spend the night together, but there are no graphic details of it. Other than that there is some kissing.
    IMO the book should be ok for a 14 year old girl.

  5. Hi, Sabrina, how are you? Just want to ask, i heard that Lia sleeps with Dimitri, it is true?


  6. @ Martina: Yes they do, but like I said above, there are no graphic details of this in the book.




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