03 August 2011

Review: Out of the blue - Belinda Jones

Out of the blue by Belinda Jones
published 2008
chick-lit, contemporary romance
bought my copy

Selena Harper loves her job on a cruiseship however lately she feels likes something is missing in her life. So she's happy to go on a vacation and to get away from men like her coworker Alekos. Selena can't understand why Alekos, who looks like a Greek god, is always flirting with her and asking her out on a date. She mistrusts him too much to take him seriously because she thinks that he is a womaniser.
But when her own vacation plans are cancelled and Alekos needs help with running his brother's business on Crete, Selena agreess to help him out. Suprisingly her stay on Crete is beautiful and the more time she spends with Alekos the more she starts to like him.
Will Selena give her feelings and Alekos a chance?

"Out of the blue" was a spontaneous purchase because I was in the mood for a happy summer book and this book looked & sounded like one. My first impression of this book was definitely the right one because "Out of the blue" brought me a lot of fun, laughter and happy moments.

The book plays on Crete and the author did an amazing job with describing the scenery and the people there. I could feel the warmth and sun on my skin while reading and loved the relaxed atmosphere. When I finished the book I was in the mood to plan a trip to this island asap because the author described it so wonderfully.

This was my first book by Belinda Jones and her writing style managed to engage and entertain me right from the first pages on. I knew pretty soon after starting the book that I would have a lot of fun with it. For one thing because of the author's engaging writing style, for another thing because of the two main characters Selena and Alekos. I loved reading about them and to witness how their relationship changed to something beautiful was so wonderful.

I liked that Selena and Aleko's relationship changed slowly and that she was a bit stubborn at times. She had some bad experiences with men in the past so it was logical that she mistrusted Aleko's intentions at first. I loved how they got closer while staying on Crete and that they had the time to learn more about each other. Towards the end of the book Alekos did something stupid and I nearly screamed at him in that moment, but I managed to get over this mistake and at the end of the book was truly happy with the ending and especially the wonderful epilogue.

"Out of the blue" makes me excited to read more by Belinda Jones because I love light-hearted, relaxed, funny, sunny and beautiful romances.

I like the cover because it's bright, looks sunny and fits to the book.

final appraisal
"Out of the blue" is a happy book that made me laugh, smile and swoon a lot. When I finished the book I felt relaxed, satisfied and excited to read more by Belinda Jones.
I would recommend this book to all readers who are looking for a light-hearted and happy romance.


  1. I really like the books you have been reading lately. They all look so happy and cute :D

  2. In sommer I love to read happy books, somehow it fits to the sun and warmth. But then I always love to read happy books. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your great review!

    I love Belinda's books but haven't had a chance to read this one! I highly recommend reading her previous titles.

  4. Awesome review! This does look like the perfect beach read, I'll have to try to fit it in before summer is totally over!

  5. I've never read a book by this author, but your review makes me want to!

  6. Hey there... after reading your review (it was just so convincing xD) I bought it for my kindle and am now reading this book... I love the story! and Alekos' macho-greek-behavior makes love about every second page! :D... but I still have two big problems with the books:
    1. It's written in first person... somehow books like that are making it harder for me to get into the story (which is kind of ridiculous and illogical if you think about it xD) but that's just the way it is ^.^
    2. that one took me about 40 pages to even realise what was bothering me from the beginning... the present tense! it just sounds completely awkward... I was reading a sentence and suddenly thought "why is this in present tense?" and after reading the whole page again I realised that EVERYTHING was written in present tense... talk about being slow xD

    and even though this might sound bad... I still have to say I really like this book... the story is lovely, the characters are convincing and likable and it really gives me a pleasant summer feeling, even though the weather right now is totally depressing :(
    so I will defenitely finish this story... maybe the writing style just takes a while to get used to...

    sooooooo... I have a question to everyone out there (if that's okay with you Sabrina ^.^)
    have you ever been in this kind of situation, where you just can't or don't want to stop reading a book, even though there are a few big things that are bothering you? I'm really interested what you have to say! :]

    see ya...

  7. sry... in the beginning of my comment I meant to say... "Alekos macho-greek-behavior makes me laugh about every second page"... too much thoughts and ideas in my head xD

  8. @ Schenni: I can understand what you mean. Luckily I have no issues with present tense in books or if they are written in first person. Both thinks never bother me.
    But sometimes little things can annoy me enough to not read on a book even though I like it. And sometimes I don't even know what it is that it so annoying.

    I always try to read an excerpt before buying a book so that I can make sure, that I enjoy the author's way to write.

    @Paranormal and Romantic Suspense review: Next I plan to get the latest book by Belinda Jones because it sounds like something I might like, but then most of her books do :)




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