29 July 2011

Creating my own ending for a series

Some of my favourite books are part of a series and there are many series I love from start to end. But sometimes a series reaches a point when going on doesn't make it better for me.

Something like that happened to me three times in the last months. Once with the second book in a duo, once with the third book in an ongoing series and once with the fourth book in an ongoing series. Each time I was very disappointed with the last book of the series I read even though I enjoyed the books before. 
In cases like the ones I just described, the first thing I do is to get rid of the "offending" book (give it to other readers). Then, instead of being frustrated and disappointed by the book and by how the series continued, I created a new ending for the whole series in my mind. 
After I created my own ending I'm happy again and can think about the series without getting frustrated or even angry. Of course I still know that there are books in the series that I didn't like at all and that the series may even go on, but I'm ok with it  (I'm a master of repression :) ). 

Some might think it's a bit crazy to just replace the ideas of the author with my own, but for me it works perfectly. Because this way I can still enjoy thinking about the books in the series I liked and might even reread them. 

Do you sometimes wish that a series would have ended with an earlier book than it actually did? Do you sometimes create your own, "better" ending for a series in your mind?


  1. I totally agree. I know I am kind of the only one, but I think Twilight would hav been an awesome book without the other three to follow. I wish I would have stopped reading after that one. It got too weird for me in the end.

    There are several series, which should have ended some books ago, but others do have weak spots and then come back with a new and great book.

    I do never think of my own ending, though. I guess, I am just not imaginative enough. If that's even a proper word.

  2. I am not that creative to re-write a book, not even in my mind. But I do agree that sometimes the author makes a mistake. I did read a fan-fic of the seventh Harry Potter book before the real one was published (believing it was the real thing), and liked that one a lot better than the official version.

  3. Das beste Beispiel bietet hier meines Wissens nach die Reihe "Tagebuch eines Vampirs" ... Es ist nun schon Band 8 in Planung, allerdings hättenach Band 4 Schluss sein sollen - finde ich. Nicht nur, dass die Bücher ab Band 4 doppelt so dick sind wie vorher, die Geschichte wir nur noch zwanghaft gestreckt. Grauenhaft!

  4. I don't do that but that could be because I read mostly stand alone books. But sometimes I do replace the authors description of the romance interest if I don't find him attractive, mostly the hair. Does that count? Does someone else do that too?

  5. It's weird because I'm normally not very creative or imaginative but with books I can't not be.

    @mfay2: Love that you change the hair, that's so cute and cool.

    @Aurian: Do you have a link to the fan fic?

  6. Interesting idea, I can see how that would solve the occasional problem one might have with a book or series.
    I've got a totally different approach to books though. I'm too hung up on how exactly something is written, whether I like it or not.

    I love to use my own imagination when it comes to books, but within the boundaries of what I'm already given. I can't just change the stuff I don't like and edit them out.
    It would safe me great pains if I could do just that since I can be quite picky about the tiniest things in a book and I would like some books a great deal more if I wouldn't have to be upset about something or other and just changed them, but that wouldn't really be liking the book then.

    I often find myself sort of ignoring something I don't like in a book without actually forgetting it's there...

    To come back to the question I've come across series that started to go in directions I didn't care for, but I think I simply stopped reading those and left it at that. Maybe I simply didn't like them enough to be too upset. So far it didn't happen with any of my favorite series.

  7. I'm SOO curious about what these books were!

    I don't really do this (make up an ending) unless I'm VERY upset because I thought it was going to go another way. Usually I don't feel upset enough to pretend the story ended a different way though.

  8. I've never created an end to a series in my mind (although I was really close to doing so in Mockingjay because that ending neutered my soul). I have refrained from finishing a series because I loved the first book SO much - Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. =)




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