21 July 2011

Talking about books - I love it!

I love reading books, it's one of my favourite things to do. But I not only adore reading books, I also love to talk about them. That's actually one of the main reasons why I started this blog. To share my thoughts about books I read and enjoyed with others is a great feeling. I love promoting the books I liked and to talk about them with other readers and bloggers online. 
I'm not a person who craves to be right in the middle of a big community, in the book blogging world I can stay on the edges and still have lots of fun and joy. Over the last years I found some great and interesting book bloggers and readers online with whom I enjoy talking about books. I feel like I found my perfect place that makes me happy and that allows me to do what I want to. I enjoy visiting sites like goodreads because most people there like to talk about books. Sharing my thoughts with other book lovers gives me a lot of pleasure and makes me happy. So thanks to all my online book friends for all the interesting conversations. 

I'm lucky that I not only have my blogs and social media sites to talk about my passion for reading, I have also two people in my family with whom I can talk about books. My mom and my sister both love to read and also enjoy talking about books. Whenever one of us has finished a book that was great, interesting or maybe disappointing we talk about it. We give each other reading recommendations and when my mom & my sis say that a certain book or series is not for me, then I trust them. I also love ordering suprise books for my mom and sis. More often than not they like the books I order for them and that always makes me happy. And of course then we have even more to talk about. 

We not only talk about books, but we also talk about book related things like spoilers, reading the end of a book first, which series should have been shortened and so on. Everything that has to do with books is interesting to us. 
Furthermore my mom and especially my sis are my two "neutral" persons whith whom I talk about blog related things. My mom doesn't read any book blogs at all and my sis only reads my two book blogs (but not regularly). It's so nice to have the possibilty to talk with someone about things that happen in the blogging world who have nothing to do with it. So thanks to my mom & sis for loving books as much as I do and for enjoying to talk about books, book related things and so on with me. 

I want to know if you also love talking about books and book related things. What is so great about it for you? And who are the people that you can talk about book stuff?


  1. I love talking about books! That's the main reason I started up my blog as well. It all started with Goodreads though, so I'm extremely happy I found it one day when googling. I don't have people who read much at all here, so it's usually not a lot of book talk. I do have one who does, but she hates anything romance related and it's my main favourite one. But we talk to each other about them anyway, to let the other get it all of their chest. So that's nice at least! :) Then my boyfriend gets to hear a lot, even though he doesn't understand a thing, haha.

    I wish my mom and sister would be people I could talk to about books and blogging too. You're lucky to have that! I've also found a lot of wonderful people online though. :)

  2. Well it's funny because one of the big reasons I started book blogging in the first place was because I didn't have anybody in real life to talk to about books, reading, and writing! I feel like this community is so welcoming and accepting that I can talk about anything - especially about things I'm passionate about. It's nice for sure.

  3. I love talking about books! I belong to 3 book clubs and about to run one for our local Barnes and Noble. There is something very fun about getting together with people who love books as much as you do!

    My mom, sister, dad, and I are all big readers so that has always been a big part of my life :)

  4. Aww, such a heartwarming entry :) Of course I love talking about books, I guess every single one of your visitors does ;) I don't personally know any people who read as much (and the books) I read but my sister and I sometimes read the same books and then talk about it, only on the phone or goodreads though because she lives far away :/ My mom also reads a lot but different books than me, I guess I should just buy her some of the books I liked.
    But most of my book and blogging talk ends up in the ears of my boyfriend who always patiently listens even though he doesn't read at all. We always listen to audiobooks together though, so we can talk about those :) I also love to ask him about "the male perspective", for example when I read a book with a male main character I always ask him if he thinks this and that is typicial male behavour or if it's silly.

  5. I also love talking about books, and what I think of them. I met my best friend online, on a book site, and discovered we were living in the same city, close together. So now we exchange books, and buy books together, and everything. But I also love blogging and virtually meeting other book addicts, and getting recommendations on new books and series.

  6. You're lucky to have you family reading and loving books too.

    I on the other hand can only talk book online. My friends either don't care about reading or don't read the same books at all. I sound like a madwoman when I start talking animatedly about books lol. Only today my coworker asked me why I didn't listen to the radio in my car I said I listened to audiobooks and they both went O_O O_O . 'listening to books?' LOL

    I'm very thankful for the online book community. I've found quite a few people I know loves talking about books as much as I do =)

  7. I love talking about books. I used to talk about books with my mom - she was just as big a reader as I am but she passed away a few years back and since then, I haven't had anyone I could talk to that shares my interest in romance. I'm so happy to have discovered all of the book blogs that actually share my reading interests.




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