02 July 2011

Review: The chocolate run - Dorothy Koomson

The chocolate run by Dorothy Koomson
published 2004
chick lit, bought my copy

Amber Salpone has learned in her childhood that relationships can be like war, so she stays away from them. She has a good job, a happy life and there's always chocolate when she feels alone. But then a night full of hot sex with her best friend Greg changes everything.
Greg is known as a womaniser but all of a sudden he wants nothing more than a serious relationship with Amber. He has to work hard to convince her that she should give them a real chance.
Will Amber learn to believe in relationships or will she run aways from what could be a wonderful thing? And will she find out why her best friend Jen is acting in such a weird way?

I bought "The chocolate run" spontanously when a saw a good offer for it in an online store. I expected a hilarious story about a woman who loves chocolate. And that's what I got, however I also got a very emotional book with a wonderful love story and a very interesting friendship. This was the first book I read by Dorothy Koomson and it will not be my last because I enjoyed the authors writing style and the way she built the story. 

Amber was from the first pages one a character I enjoyed reading about. I liked the way she handled her life and that throughout the book she was willing to change in the areas of her life that made her unhappy. At the end of the story she was a strong woman who had learned to tell others what she wants without feeling bad about it.
I enjoyed that in the relationship between Greg and her, she was the one who remained sceptical. It felt right that she didn't fell in love with him after their first night and it took some time for her feelings to change from friendship to love. I was suprised by how much I enjoyed reading about Greg, at first I thought that he was nothing than a shallow womaniser but I soon realized that he was a good guy. I enjoyed that they had some up and downs in their relationship and how they dealt with them.
One of my highlights of the book was how Amber compared the people in her life to different types of chocolate. She did it in a very charming way and her comparisons were always very fitting.

Our friendship was getting more and more tenuous. Etheral. We weren't even like two Twix, seperated before consumption, any more. We were more like Dairy Milk and Caramel. Two chocolates made by the same people, but so different you couldn't put them together under any similar category. ...
We melted at different temperatures, we felt different, we tasted different, we were different. Now, nothing but our source linked us. 

Sometimes I do something similar with people and colours, maybe that's why I enjoyed this aspect of the story so much.

The relationship between Amber and Jen was very interesting and I loved the way Amber thought about it at the end. I never really liked Jen but I can still understand why Amber wanted to give her a second chance. I also enjoyed reading about the relationship between Amber and her family and how she learned to handle what happened between her parents when she was a child. 

There is something special in the way many British chick lit books are written that makes them in my opinion special and more entertaining in comparison to those from other countries. I don't know exactly what it is, but for me British chick lit books are the best, I like the setting in British towns and love the language that is used. 

I like the cover, the colours are nice and I'm happy that you can see that the heroine of the book is black. 

final appraisal
"The chocolate run" is a emotional, entertaining book that makes me want to read more by Dorothy Koomson. I would recommend this book to all readers who like chick lit books. 


  1. You had me at chocolate, lol. This sounds interesting-will have to check it out.

  2. It's been a while since I read a chick lit, that would have been a Jill Mansell, as my sister collects those. I did read them a lot once.

  3. oh I think I might have to read this one. I really like Dorothy Koomson's style. Always unexpected.

  4. Adding this one to my wishlist because of your positive review. It looks like something I'd enjoy reading, especially since I'm a big fan of chocolate. :)

  5. I really liked this book. I found it fun and funny. Amber Salpone is a complex character, though Greg is more so, in my opinion. There were some twists I didn't see coming, and except for a few words more familiar to British people (owt and nowt,)a very good read. Well written first person fun.

    1. I agree, this was a very funny and good book.

  6. first read the book when i was 16, and seven years later i got it again, loved it so much. dorothy is one of my favourtes now




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