27 July 2011

Review: Burn Bright - Marianne de Pierres

Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres
published March 2011 in Australia
young adult fantasy
#1 in the Night Creatures series
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Retra lives in a secluded and severely controlled environment. Even talking with others is not allowed and she is punished nearly daily for little things. Total obedience is expected by her. The only bright spot in Retra's life was her brother Joel. But he left home two years ago and fled to an island called Ixion were having fun and being young is everything.
Retra is not interested in having a good time but she wants her brother back. So she takes the risk and flees from her home to Ixion. But as soon as she arrives there she realizes that it's not pardise and in reality just as restricted and full of weird rules as her old home.
Ixion and especially the Ripers, the mysterious guardians on the island, may be even more dangerous than Retra and her new friends think. Soon it's a fight for survival instead of partying. 

"Burn Bright" fascinated me ever since reading the synopsis of it. The contrast of the secluded and brutal community with the party island and the dangers there sounded very interesting to me. I'm happy to say that the story was just as amazing and extraordinary as I expected it to be.
I'm normally a reader who loves spoilers and who has no trouble with sharing them with others, but in this review I will not talk about a lot of contentual things. With "Burn Bright" you have to read and experience the plot twists yourself because that's one of the great things of the story. That's why I'm going to be a bit vague in my synopsis and review.

Marianne de Pierres writing style is very engaging and her ideas are fresh and unique. I love the way she uses words and that she gave Retra such a strong voice. And I liked that even the bad guys were interesting and that you didn't know until the end who can be trusted.

Listen well, baby bats. Burn bright,
but do not stray from the paths.
Remember, when you live in a
place of darkness you also live with
creatures of the dark

At the beginning you get thrown right in the middle of the story and there is no slow beginning to get aquainted to the setting and the characters. The story and the people in it felt alive and real to me. Especially the setting on Ixion came alive in my mind. From the first page on the story was intense and powerful. There were no superfluous or boring parts, every sentence was interesting and intriguing.

The change from Retra's restricted and severe home to Ixion was at first shocking, both parts of the story were equally dark and dangerous. I loved the idea that there's no natural light on Ixion, the gloomy surrounding fit perfectly to the story and the obscure events. There are not many laugh out loud or light moments in the story, the dark and mysterious ones set the tone. But still I didn't find the book to be depressing or too gloomy.

Retra was an amazing heroine and might even be one of my favourites ever. She acted in such a strong way even though she was oppressed her whole life. She went through unthinkable pain to find her brother and I loved that she got the chance to find friends on the island. The friendship between Rollo, Suki and her was one of my favourite parts of the book. I love reading about a good friendhsip and even though they knew each other for only a short period of time, they became true friends. I'm hoping that there will be more about the friendship in the next book of the series.

I also enjoyed reading about the relationship between Retra and her brother. The way she started to see him in a different way was fascinating and gave her a lot of strength. Maybe the most fascinating and bewildering relationship of the book developed between Retra and Lenoir, who is head of the guardians on Ixion. I think I like what happened between them, but so far there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding their relationship, so I'm waiting with a final appraisal. Both have different ways of seeing life and what's a good future, so there will be conflicts between them in the next book. I'm already excited to read what will happen with their relationship in "Angel Arias".

The cover ist just as extraordinary as the book and I adore it. It looks fantastic in real life and the artist who designed the book did an amazing job. 

final appraisal
"Burn Bright" is an intense, mesmerizing and unique story that you have to read yourself to truly understand the fascination I have with the weird and dark world that Marianne de Pierres created.
I would recommed this book to all readers, adult readers and older young adults should love the story.

next in the series
"Angel Arias", book #2 in the Night Cratures series, will be out in October 2011 and hopefully I will manage to get a copy. If you want to know more about the author and the her books go to

http://www.burnbright.com.au/ and http://www.mariannedepierres.com/ . 


  1. Very interesting review Sabrina, thank you.

  2. @ Aurian: It's a very interesting book.




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