03 May 2011

Review: Who's afraid of Mr Wolfe? - Hazel Osmond

Who's afraid of Mr. Wolfe? by Hazel Osmond
published April 14, 2011
contemporary romance
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Lately nothing in Ellie Somerset's life seems to stay the same, both in her private and bussiness life. And Jack Wolfe, her charismatic new boss, seems to be right in the middle of the changes. Jack is always surrounded by beautiful women and he is challenging Ellie whenever they meet. She doesn't know why they are always fighting and why she always needs to have the last word with him.
Soon Ellie realizes that Jack is so much more than a great boss who manages to motivate everyone at the advertisment firm they both work. She starts to develop deep feelings for Jack but fears that he will never reciprocate them, because he doesn't seem to be interested in a serious relationship.
Will Ellie be able to move on and make the most out of the changes in her life? And will she have more than a few hot nights with Jack?

Writing this review is going to be hard for me because I have all these wonderful feelings for "Who's afraid of Mr Wolfe?" in me and don't know, if I will be able to do justice to them. Warning: there will be a few spoilers (but nothing major). 

When I saw the beautiful cover of Hazel Osmond's debut novel and read the synopsis of it, I was immediately drawn to the story. Reading this book made me so happy and I adored everything about it. It's actually one of my favourite contemporary romances of the last months and maybe even of my whole life. 

The 490 pages of the book are packed with funny, lovely and sad moments. The love story between Ellie and Jack is sweet, sexy and very emotional. At first the story is mostly cute and funny. I loved getting to meet Ellie, she's such a likable, enthusiastic and nice person. I felt with her when she found out that her boyfriend (ex after that) had cheated on her and when she had to deal with the changes that meant for her life. 

At first the reader doesn't learn a lot about Jack. He seems to be a successful, brilliant business man and a bit of a player. However there are also some short scenes that made me wonder if maybe his strong appereance was just a façade to hide a wounded soul. It turned out that Jack was indeed a very complicated and deeply wounded man. 

The chemistry between Ellie and Jack was amazing. I loved their banters and that Jack lost his coolness when he was together with Ellie. Their relationship was complicated but I never lost the hope that they would manage to overcome their differences and that they would get a beautiful happy end (of course they did and I was so happy for them). I was suprised by the reasons why Jack didn't want a serious relationship. But in the end I understood his motivation and why he was at times so cruel to Ellie and pushed her away. 

In the first half of the book Ellie is the one who was a bit self-conscious and unsure about her future. But towards the end she has gotten amazingly strong and I admired her for how she went after what she wanted. Jack on the other hand was at first strong and self-confident but then it became clear that deep inside he was very afraid to love again and that he was very vulnerable. 

I don't want to give away any information on the details about what happens between Ellie and Jake and why they nearly lose their chance for a happy end. However I can guarantee you that it's very emotional and heartbreaking. I had to cry twice during the book, once at a especially sad scene between Jake & Ellie and once when reading the beautiful epilogue. Both times I was on the train and people looked at me as if I was crazy (but the book was so worth it). And I can guarantee you that Jack had to work hard to get Ellie back, because at the end of the book she was no longer a pushover. I also enjoyed that the author gave both Jack and Ellie time to change, because people don't change overnight. They need days, weeks or even months to do it.

So I adored the main characters and loved reading about their relationship. I also enjoyed the relationship between Ellie and her aunt Edith. They were so sweet together and Edith was a tower of strength for Ellie. And I loved that Hazel Osmond added a lesbian relationship to the story (between Ellie's best friend and another woman) and that she described it as something totally normal (just like it should be). 

Not everything in this book was nice and pretty, but still all together it was pretty perfect. I enjoyed every one of the 490 pages and I'm sure that I will reread this book lots of time in the next years. And you can bet that I'm already very excited to read the next book by Hazel Osmond. 

The picture doesn't do the cover justice, in reality the colours are brighter and more pinkish. The cover looks gorgeous and I love the glitter on the title and on the author''s name. However I wish that the woman on the cover would look more like Ellie does (Ellie is not so thin). 

final apraisal
Wow, what a wonderful, funny, strong and emotional book. I loved every page of it and the book belongs to my favourite contemporary romances. In my opinion "Who's afraid of Mr Wolfe?" is perfect and unique. 
I can't wait to read more by Hazel Osmond and would recommend her debut novel to all readers who enjoy beautiful and powerful love stories. 


  1. What an enthusiastic review Sabrina, you really make me want to read this. And I don't read many contemporary romance without any suspense in it.

    1. Hope you will get the chance to get and read the book.
      Happy Reading!

  2. Dear Sabrina,

    Hello, it's Hazel Osmond here.

    Well, what a lovely review... I am so happy that you loved Jack and Ellie as much as I did when I was writing the book. It's great that you appreciated the way I wanted to show both of the characters moving slowly towards each other in a realistic way - I agree with you that people don't change overnight.

    I'm sorry and very, very glad that I made you cry (does that make sense?) because weird as this may sound, I was sniffing away when I was writing two of the scenes in particular.

    I can't tell you how much your review means to me - that someone has not only enjoyed the writing but become involved in the emotion and then taken the time to write about it.

    So, thank you very much. I hope I can please you as much with my next book.

    Kind regards

    Hazel xxx

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely words!

  3. Wow, if you like it that much, I will too. So going to check this one out. Thanks for the review. BTW, will you be in Frankfurt for the ESM??

    1. Hope you did get the chance to read the book.

  4. oo, I want this book! Sounds really good and there are a lot of positive reviews on Amazon too.

    1. No wonder, the book is great. :)
      Happy Reading!




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