10 May 2011

Review: Compromised - Kate Noble

Compromised by Kate Noble
published March 2008
historical romance
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Miss Gail Alton thinks that attending the Season will be boring. But she soon realizes that her assumption was totally incorrect. She meets a fascinating (and in her opinion rather arrogant) stranger, her sister Evangeline is compromised and it looks like she will have to agree in a rushed marriage. When Gail is introduced to her sister's possible husband, she is shocked to recognize in him the stranger whom she couldn't forget.
When Maximillian St. John, Vinscount Fontaine, met Evangeline Alton for the first time, he thought that he found his match. But he soon realizes that the short shared moments in moonlight were a bit like a dream. In real life there are no sparks or common interests between them. Instead he finds himself drawn to Gail. She is the woman who provoked him since their first meeting and she is the one he can't get out of his thoughts. Max is a man of honour and doesn't want to take back his promise to marry Evangeline. But he also realizes that he will find happiness only with Gail.
Will Gail and Max find a way to get their happy end without hurting the people close to them?

I'm usually very critical when I'm reading historical romances. More often than not they bore me and I don't know why. However there's not one thing that I have to criticise about "Compromised", in my opinion it's perfect.
Right from the start on I knew that this would be a "happy" book. A book that makes you happy while you read it and that you will reread in moments when you need a bit of happiness in your life. "Compromised" is a book that will make you smile a lot and that will make your heart flutter when reading about the beautiful love story between Max and Gail.

All of the main characters were likable and I hoped that each would find his/her own happiness, and thankfully they did. I especially loved reading about Gail and Max. Both are very intelligent, they love to read and their banters made me smile and laugh a lot. I enjoyed that Max is not the kind of hero you often find in historical romances, he's not a rake and lives modestly. He and Gail are a perfect match and I never doubted that they would find a way to be together for good. 

Immediately after finishing "Compromised" I went online to order more books by Kate Noble because I crave to read more of her and her lovely characters. So it's safe to say that I loved this book. 

I like the cover, it's beautiful and I love the colours.

final appraisal
"Compromised" is a wonderfully light-hearted, charming and happy book. The author's engaging writing style is mixed with lovely, intelligent characters and a beautiful love story. 
I would recommend this book to all readers who enjoy delightful historical romances.


  1. I'm so happy to read your review. I have this book as well as Revealed on my Kindle but haven't read them yet. Sounds like a good one for in between heavier books.

  2. Mary: That's exactly what I loved about it. It's light-hearted and perfect to have some fun. Sometimes you need a break from heavier books.

  3. I love the cover too..so pretty. I'm going to add this to my wishlist!

  4. Yay, I so wnna read a book by her :D

    I do like historicals, but they are mostly just ok for me. And I am a historical prude, so not too much smexing, honestly I'd be happy without any at all

  5. This is a nice review, and I will be sure to try out this or one of her other books. I do like rakes, but once in a while a "normal" man would be nice.




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