07 May 2011

Review: Angel / Angel Burn - L.A. Weatherly

Angel (Angel Burn in the US) by L.A. Weatherly
published 2010 (UK) / May 2011 (US) 
first book in the Angels trilogy series
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Alex's life task is killing angels and stopping them from taking over the world. He's only seventeen but the best assassin there is. Willow's psychic ability has made her an outsider and caring for her apathetic mom is more than a sixteen year old girl should have to handle.
When Alex is sent to kill Willow and their paths meet, their whole lifes change completely. Willow doesn't want to believe that she is an half-angel and that there are angels at all. And Alex starts to doubt that Willow is really a danger for humanity. In contrast he soon realizes that she might be the worlds only hope to stop the invasion of the angels.

So he decides that keeping Willow safe is his new mission. Even though he hates angels because they killed his whole family, he's soon fascinated with Willow. The more time they spend together on the run from the angels who realized that Willow is a real danger to them and from the humans they have under control, the closer they get.
Will they be able to survive being chased by the angels and will they be able to form a tight relationship?

Let me start this review with saying that I normally avoid books with angels because mostly, especially when they are portrayed as kind creatures, they bore me. But when I read the concept of what angels are in this series, I was immediately fascinated and interested in reading "Angel". And I wasn't disappointed with what L.A. Weatherly created, in contrast I pretty much loved everything about this book.

You are thrown right into the middle of the book with the first scene in which Alex is sent to a kill an angel. Right from this scene on I was in the story and didn't want to stop reading. And meeting Willow was just as fascinating as meeting Alex. When both came together for the first time I knew that I would love the book.
The story concentrates both on Alex & Willow and their developing relationship (which changes in a comfortable and realistic pace). I enjoyed that I got the chance to read a lot about them and to really get to know them. Both were in my opinion very likable characters and also very strong. I rooted for them right from the start on and can't wait to know how their fight against the angels and how their relationship will continue. Willow and Alex didn't have a normal childhood and had to grow up fast. Maybe that's why the book is not too youthful and should be perfect for adult readers.

Angels as the bad guys is a fascinating concept and worked perfectly for me. Instead of being bored like I'm usually are when reading about kind angels, this time I was mesmerized and interested in every little detail. It was fascinating that the beautiful angels were so cruel and definitely not pure. When L.A. Weatherly described the masses of people who blindly followed the Church of Angels I could really see them before my eyes. All in all I was able to imagine most of the events in the book effortlessly even though I'm normally not a very visual person.

I will definitely go on with reading the series because I enjoyed the authors writing style a lot and want to learn more about the characters and what will happen next.

I think the UK cover is ok and I love the US cover because it's so pretty and fascinating. I got the UK version because it was published earlier however think about also buying the US version because I enjoyed the book so much and love the cover.

final appraisal
I was surprised by how much I loved reading "Angel". L.A. Weatherly has a very engaging writing style and her angels are fascinating, cruel and I want to know more about them and also about Willow and Alex. I will definitely go on with reading this series because it's thrilling and great.
I would recommend this book to all readers interested in a book in which angels are mostly the bad guys and that's thrilling & fascinating.

Angels trilogy
1. Angel /Angel Burn (2010 / 2011)
2. Angel Fire (2011)
3. Angel Fever


  1. Hm dunno. I am not a fan of angel YA books..make than YA pnr in general

  2. Believe me, I'm normally also not a fan of YA books with angels, but this one worked perfectly for me.

  3. This is one of my favourite angel books! I think angel books can be very hit and miss since there are so many of them around nowadays, but this one really stood out for me!

  4. @Leanna: I agree, it really stands out in a good way. I'm so excited to read the next book in the series in October.

  5. I am not sure about this series. I love Nalini Singh's Archangels, but evil angels?

  6. @Aurian: I love the idea of the evil angels, that makes them so much more interesting for me.

  7. Great review. I've seen this book pop up on a few blogs and I'm interested in checking this one out. I've only read one angel book (that I didn't really enjoy) so I may have to make this one be my next. ;)

  8. BTW, I gave a copy of Angel to my sis and she also loved it. She's normally very critical when it comes to books so I'm very happy that she enjoyed this story so much.




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