08 April 2011

Why won't you give me any spoilers?

This morning I discovered a new to me author on Evi's book blog Zwillingsleiden (a blog written in German). Evi loves the books by author Paige Toon and because I trust her taste I decided to try the books. 

I decided to get "Chasing Daisy" and "Johnny be good". I read in Evi's review of "Chasing Daisy" that there is a huge, suprising, dramatic, heart-wrenching twist in the book and I immediately wanted to know what it is, but unfortunately Evi isn't a fan of spoilers (I think I will start to call her evil Evi from now on ;)  ). 

I know that for a lot of readers spoilers belong to the deadly sins of reading. Many people hate them because spoilers really spoil books for them. But I'm an anxious reader (if you want to read a profile of the anxious reader click here) and need to know if there are any dramtic, unexpected twists in a story. I don't need every little detail but a rough overview is a must for me. 

I'm persistent when looking for spoilers so I decided to visit amazon.co.uk and look up the reviews for "Chasing Daisy" there (btw, 58 of the 75 reviews are five stars!!!). But not even one reviewer included spoilers, not one! My next stop was goodreads and once again I was hopeful that some nice reviewer was kind enough to share some spoilers. But no, once again I was disappointed. All reviews I read were outrageously spoiler free. At this point I began to assume a conspiracy against me. 

But still, I wasn't totally discouraged and searched the web for "reviews Chasing Daisy Paige Toon" and for "spoilers Chasing Daisy Paige Toon". But once again I was disappointed, I found lot's of reviews saying "I'm not telling you more details because I don't want to spoil the story for you" and wanted to scream "Why the hell not?". At this point I was sure that there indeed was a conspiracy against anxious readers who need spoilers. 

So I will have to read the book without knowing what the shocking twist is and I hope that my poor, little heart will survive the excitement and lack of knowledge. 


  1. Oh, poor you! I know exactly how you feel. I don't really like spoilers, but there are situations like the one you described where I can't stand NOT knowing what'll happen.

  2. Wow, I never heard of anyone who's searching for spoilers! XD Isn't that the nice thing about books? To never really know what to expect? Since I'm following Evi's blog, I'm really glad she doesn't spoil anything of the content. But it's refreshing to see that there are people out there, actively searching for them. ^^

    Nontheless, that hyper dyper twist made me totally curious! ;)

  3. I don't really like spoilers and I have in fact read sometime in my life in reviews huge spoilers that did spoil all the fun out of a book,but like you,there are some times I just really need a minor spoiler,so I may hunt down for those!
    But usually I don't like them and try not to include any in my reviews or state it clearly in case I have.

  4. LOL! I like being evil!
    But if you really, really need to know, you know how to find me. ;-)

  5. I think good spoilers are never mentioned, only the bad things that really ruin a book are. So I guess the fact that you can't find any, means it is good!

  6. Sabrina, I so know what you mean. Unfortunately I haven't read the book (and from the looks of the cover I never will), otherwise I'd give you all the spoilers you need, :). I don't mind spoilers in the least and, in fact, am also looking for them sometimes. Unexpected twists that I know will make me mad, I can do without. So knowing beforehand is a very good thing. I always wonder whether people who dislike spoilers ever re-read a book.

  7. I'm reading the book right now so by tomorrow I will now what the big twist is.

    @ Rikki: Yay that you also like spoilers. And I agree with the rereading. I love rereading books but then I also love knowing what will happen.

  8. This is when you go to the bookstore, get the book and check the last page to see if it looks like a happy ending. Yes, I do this sometimes. My husband thinks I'm insane, but I am completely fine with making sure there's a HEA.

  9. @ Janicu: Lol, I sometimes do the same. I don't want to buy a romance without knowing that there will be a happy end. My mom does the same so it's not so weird.

  10. I personally hate spoilers. If I think that it's crucial the reader is aware of something I will include it in the review and make sure there is plenty of warning. So did you survive the major twist? :)

  11. @ Stephanie: I wasn't even suprised by it because about 50 pages before the twist I already expected it.




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