02 April 2011

Review: Steam & Sorcery - Cindy Spencer Pape

published March 2011
The Gaslight Chronicles #1
paranormal steampunk romance
read an excerpt herereceived a copy for review

Sir Merrick Hadrian is part of the Knights of the Order of the Round Table, a secret organization who is fighting both human and paranormal evils. When on one of his missions he is aided by five street children he doesn't know that they will change his life.
Merrick realizes immediately that each of the children has special abilities and that one has even the blood of a Knight. So he decides to take them home with him and to provide them with a less dangerous future. However he needs help because the children are more than even he can handle. He needs an governess and Caroline Bristol seems to be perfect for the job. At first Caroline doesn't want to work for Merrick because she is attracted to him however she realizes that the children need her.
Caroline is not only a superb governess, she is also interested in helping Merrick with his recent investigation even though he thinks it's too dangerous for her. He's fighting hard against his feelings for Caro but soon realizes that maybe fighting against them isn't what he should do.
Will they be able to stop the conspiracy of some influential members of society and the vampires? And will Merrick, Caroline and the children become a real family?

Let me start this review with saying that I loved reading "Steam & Sorcery". I had a lot of fun while reading the book and the love story was sweet and sexy. 
Both the paranormal and steampunk elements Cindy Spencer Pape used were not overbearing and added some thrill and adventure to the story, So if you are expecting a book full of detailed steampunk elements this book might not be for you. However if you want to get a first impression of how great steampunk romance can be or if you are in the mood for a engaging love story then this book is perfect for you. It's the same with the paranormal elements, they are used to make the story more fascinating however you don't need to be a big fan of paranormal romances to enjoy "Steam & Sorcery". It's interesting that  historical romances are often hit or miss for me however I mostly love them when combined with steampunk and paranormal components. 

The main focus of the book was on the relationship between Merrick & Caroline and between them and the children. The love story between Merrick and Caroline was lovely and made me happy. Most of the scenes with the children were funny and I got to like each of them a lot. I enjoyed that each had some moments to shine and I loved reading about the interactions between the children. To see how they cared about each other and learned to trust Merrick and Caroline was heart-warming. 
Both Merrick and Caroline are strong and smart characters. I enjoyed that they both loved and respected each other and Merrick's attitude towards gender equality made me like him even more. I also appreciated that Caroline didn't need Merrick to solve her problems, she was used to making her own decisions and being with Merrick didn't change this. 
I hope that there will be more books than this one and "Photographs and Phantoms" in the Gaslight Chronicles because the interesting story, likable characters, the author's engaging writing style and the steampunk & paranormal elements made this book very enjoyable and I'm excited for more.

I like the cover, it looks pretty and interesting. 

final appraisal
"Steam and Sorcery" is a wonderfully entertaining and engaging book. The story made me laugh and smile a lot, when I finished the book I was happy and satisfied. I loved reading about the dynamics between Merrick, Caroline and the five children. I will definitely continue with the next book in the series because I'm excited for more. 

I would recommend this book to all readers who are interested in reading a beautiful love story with subtle paranormal and steampunk elements. If you haven't read steampunk romance before this book might be a great way to get started. 

The Gaslight Chronicles
1. Steam & Sorcery
2. Photographs and Phantoms (free novella, coming end of April 2011)


  1. Great review! I have this one & now I'm looking forward reading it :)

  2. My steampunk reads this year have been dismal, so I jumped on this one after reading your review and I really enjoyed it.

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

  3. Aleksandra, hope you will like it!

    Jennifer: Woho, so happy that you enjoyed it!!!




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