22 April 2011

Review: Paranormalcy - Kiersten White

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
published August 2010
young adult
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16 year old Evie has the unique ability to recognize paranormals, there's no glamour that can delude her. Since she was 8 years old she has been helping IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency ), an organization who tries to control paranormals all over the world. Even though Evie grew up in a center of IPCA without a family and only MTV soaps for guidance, she's a pretty normal teenager who would love to have a real home, friends and to attend highschool.
When Lend, a mysterious boy in Evie's age, breaks into IPCA and when paranormals are killed en masse by a ruthless person, life at IPCA is starting to change dramatically. And when Evie realizes that she's not a human with special abilities but also a paranormal, she feels like her whole life is a lie.
Will Evie be able to stop the killer, escape a dangerous fairy and find a way to get a normal life?

I wanted to read "Paranormlacy" since it's publication date in 2010 because I expected the book to be cute and light-hearted. And parts of it are indeed cute and light-hearted. However there are also parts that are heart-breaking, thrilling and mysterious. So yes, I was a bit suprised by how the story developed. 

I listened to the audio book version and think that the narrator did a great job with telling Evie's story and with giving her an engaging voice. I loved hearing about Evie and that in the end she acted just like a normal teenager. Whenever she used a word like "awesome" she made me smile. She was very likable, at times so adorable and had a captivating personality. 
Evie's relationship with her best friend Lish, a mermaid, and Lend, the mysterious paranormal boy, were two of my highlights of the book. Lish was the only friend Evie ever had and their scenes together were so funny and sweet. Lend was a fascinating and strong character. Their relationship developed slowly and nothing was rushed. In the end I was very happy with how things changed between them and that maybe they will get a chance for a normal life. 

Not everything that's going on in "Paranormalcy" is "funny, cool and awesome", there are a lot of darker scenes, for example when the paranormals are killed (some of Evie's friends are among the victims), when Evie is stalked by a dangerous fairy and when she feels lost after realizing that she is not human. Some scenes were especially heart breaking and I even had to cry once. 

In the end Kristen White's engaging writing style, the interesting, likable characters like Evie & Lend and the fascinating story made this book a joy to read (or better to listen to). 

I like the cover, it's beautiful and the girl fits to how Evie looks like.

final appraisal
"Paranormalcy" is a very entertaining book about a world full paranormals. Following the heroine Evie through her adventures was a lot of fun and the mix of light-hearted scenes, the mystery surrounding Evie's parentage, the heartache because of a ruthless killer and Evie's relationship with Lend was great. The audio book version is told by a very engaging narrator and I will definitely come back the series to read "Supernaturally", book #2.
I would recommend this book to all readers who like to read about paranormals and enjoy being led through a story by a 16 year old girl who grew up with MTV soaps.


  1. I think I would like this book. Nice review.

  2. oOo I loooved Paranormalcy!! so much, it was so refreshing and fun! Can't wait for Supernaturally!

  3. I LOVED Paranormalcy too! I can't hardly wait for Supernaturally. I agree with your assessment of the book completely. :)

  4. Lish was one of my favorite characters!

  5. I'm also excited for Supernaturally.

    Jennie: Lish was just great. I cried when you know what happened.

  6. I'm looking forward to picking this up over the summer.




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