06 April 2011

One "bad" book can spoil everything

I'm a reader who buys a lot of books by author, that means when I like an author I will get all of his books, old and new. It also means that I will recommend the author to other readers and have his books on my auto-buy list. I trust in my favourite authors to always at least write an ok or good book, and most often even great ones. 
But what happens when you get a new book by one of your favourite authors and you think it's bad, and not just a little bit bad but horrible, boring, crappy, etc.? 

That's exactly what happened to me recently. I got the new book by one of my favourite authors and was shocked by how lousy it was. At first I was speechless and completly baffled that this author, whom I love (loved?) because of his engaging writing style, great characters and interesting storylines, could write such a horrible story full of one-dimensional, unlikable and stupid characters, combined with a boring writing style and a storyline with holes big enough to drive through. Plus the author used several of my pet peeves, for example he seemed to have lost the interest (and respect) in his own characters and described characters from some of his former books in a ridiculous way. 

I wish I had never read this book because it makes me so sad and mad. It's normal to not love all books by an author, however because I actually loathe the book this author doesn't belong to my list of favourites any longer. And in this special case I feel bad because I recommeded the series the book is part of to other readers.
In the future I will think twice before getting and reading another book by this author. I will keep his older books and also continue to reread my favourites by him, but in the back of my mind I will always have to think about this one horrible book. So this one book overshadows everything for me. 

Maybe my taste in books has changed or maybe the author changed his writing style in a way that no longer works for me. In the end thinking about the whys and wherefores is pointless because this one "bad" book has changed everything for me. 

BTW, I know that when I think of a book as horrible others may find the same book to be great, hilarious, entertaining and so on. My taste in books is unique, just like everyone else's is (that's why I'm talking about "the author" and won't use his name). 

Has one "bad" book ever spoiled a whole series and other books by an author for you?


  1. I know exactly what you mean...I really can't say how an author who has previously sunned me with how good his/her books are can write crappy even once,but I guess it happens... That's why I try to keep an open mind,and try again authors who I didn't like some of their work.But it sucks when you actually love someone's work and get disappointed like that.

  2. Interesting question and I tempt to agree with you. When a writing no longer catches your interest, then so be it! I'm thinking hardly if that ever happens to me and yes. There is a YA Vampire series which I started and each book got just worse for me, I then stopped reading it at all and don't have any other books...

    But, it's a sad moment ... ;(

  3. Sabrina, I know exactly what you mean! The book you´re talking about was a huge disappointment for me, too.

  4. Anna: Yes, it really sucks.

    Danny: I also felt so sad :(

    Evi: Pst, which book/series do you think I mean? Can you give some hints without naming the auhtor and book?

  5. I was just guessing! ;-) No, I`m sure I know. We can talk via mail, if you like. :)

  6. Well, one bad book won't spoil my enjoyment of a favorite author's works but a few and they wouldn't be on my favorite list of authors anymore. I'd also think twice about buying anymore books by the same author.

    On the other hand, if that one book is a part of a favorite series, then yes it would totally ruin it for me. I don't expect to love each and every one, but if I hate the book ... then how would I be able to continue reading the series.

  7. YES! I just read one. It is the last book in the series. It should never have been written. The previous book should have been left as the last. I was horrified by it.

  8. I've had a couple of those, thankfully they weren't by any of my favorite authors. Just ones that I had been testing out to see if I liked them, but they were so bad that I won't read anything else by them.

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  9. I've not liked new series by some of my favorite authors and I've also had favorite authors who have had series run out of steam and should have ended long before they did. I think many times it's because they're one story wonders and I finally wake up and realize it's the same story dressed slightly differently.

    I don't think it would be wrong for you to share the book and author. You have a right to your opinion and I don't think blogs should shy away from the bad, every review should be taken into account with one's own tastes (plus maybe I'll waste money on a potential piece of trash if I don't know to check it out further, perhaps get it from the library).

  10. This happened to me with The X-Files. I love the series so much and I recommend it all the time, but then one person will pick a bad season or episode and not want to watch it at all! It does spoil everything.

  11. I've had the same problem, there used to be an author I loved, I bought all their books in hardback on release day, then things went downhill, they became too full of themselves and I read a couple of their books that were quite bad. Over time they've got worse and now I don't even buy their books, wouldn't even borrow them as I know I'll be disappointed. Why/how do authors go frombeing fabulous to just awful, it's almost like their thinking "I've got my huge advance so I have to produce something but I really can't be bothered". With the particular author I'm thinking of I've heard a LOT of people say the same thing.


  12. I can't remember if I ever had that feeling. Of course, the author could be very ill when he/she wrote that book, and I would certainly try the next one, but perhaps not buy it yet.
    But I can imagine the disappointment, as I am a huge glommer myself.

  13. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me yet. I'm getting ready to start a few larger series. I'm sure there will be some less than stellar reads in them but hopefully that I hate.

    Series especially take a lot of dedication, time and money. I can only imagine how horrible it must feel to realize you hated the last installment of a beloved series. Here's to hoping the next one rocks!

  14. Was it one bad book or did the book didn't live up to your expectations in comparison with the rest of the series?

  15. Thanks for all of your comments!!!

    @ Kah Woei: Exactly, I would have been ok with not liking the book but I HATE it.

    @ Natasha A. : I can understand your feelings and frustrations. When the last book in a series sucks it overshadows all the good books before.

    @ Orchid: I'm happy for you that the books weren't by favourite authors.

    @ Anne: The one story wonder might be true. I have the feeling that some authors write the same story again and agian and when they try something new it doesn't work.

    @ Skye: I loved the X Files when I was younger, now they give me nightmares :)

    @ Louise: That sucks, especially for the readers who have read the author for years.

    @ Aurian: When the next book by the author is out I will wait some weeks for the reviews and then decide if I should give him another chance.

    @ Stephanie: I agree, it's especially disappointed in a series who loved to read.

    @ Man of la Book: The book before this one was already not good and this new one was just horrible, so it's time to stop spending my money on books by this author.




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