05 April 2011

Review: Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
published September 2010
#6  in the Shopaholic series
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Becky Bloomwood is back and once again she manages to get from one hilarious and weird situation into another. Not only has the bank crisis hit England, so Luke is even more occupied than ususal, but this time Becky also has to handle her two year old energetic and headstrong daughter Minnie. Add to this searching for a new home, trying to organize a suprise party for Luke and secret meetings with Luke's mom Elinor and the chaos is perfect.
Will Becky, with the help of her friends, once again manage to achieve what she wants?

Mini Shopaholic is yet another book that has been waiting in my TBR pile since the day it was published. Even though I so far enjoyed most of Kinsella's novels, I was a bit anxious because I feared that Mini Shopaholic could cross the line from hilarious to annoying. But my fears were unfounded because once again reading about Becky and her antics was funny and very entertaining. 

Sophie Kinsella's writing style was as always very engaging and made it easy to read this book in one day. Reading about Becky and especially Minnie was great and I had to laugh and smile a lot. Becky is just Becky: she loves shopping, always acts before she thinks, is materialistic, creative, enthusiastic and has a good heart. I loved how Becky used her creativity to make job an success and I especially enjoyed the storyline involving Luke's mother Elinor. The relationship between Minnie and Elinor was so cute and enjoyed that Becky gave Elinor a chance to get to know her only grandchild. 
Minnie was a source of fun. How she created chaos wherever she went and tried to control everyone was so hilarious and reminded me a lot of my own niece. Ok, my niece doesn't know what a VISA card is but I enjoyed that Minnie was in the end a pretty normal child who was testing her boundaries. 

So I loved Becky, Minnie, all the hilarious scenes and the author's writing style. The one thing that annoyed me (as it always does in the Shopaholic books) is Luke. I often perceive him as arrogant and even a bit uncaring. He did something in Mini Shopaholic that was unacceptable for me (he missed Minnie's christening) and at times I think that Becky invests more into their relationship than Luke does. It will be interesting to see how Luke will react when he finds out about Becky's meetings with Elinor (and I'm sure that he will find it out).
It looks like the next book in the series will play in LA (no idea when it will be published) and I'm excited to see how Becky's life will go on. 

I love the UK cover because it's so gorgeous and enchanting. Of all the available covers this one is my favourite.

final appraisal
Mini Shopaholic is another hilarious and amusing book in the Shopaholic series. Once again Sophie Kinsella managed to make Becky's life fascinating, funny and exciting. 
Keep in mind to not take the book and everything in it too serious and you will have a lot of fun while reading. 


  1. Hi,

    Just a different point of view.

    I read the first 3 or 4 books in this series and had to stop. It's too chick lit for me and I hated Becky because I couldn't relate to her totally self indulgent lifestyle. I didn't find it amusing, just annoying.

    I'd recommend getting the first book or two from the library to make sure you'll enjoy this series before buying any.

  2. Anne: I can understand your POV, it's often a fine line between loving the books and being annoyed by them.
    I read the books when I'm in the mood to not think and just have some fun. And I don't take the series so serious so I enjoy reading about Becky.

  3. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the shopaholic series.....gosh addicted to it loveee becky world..ma fav books

  4. Must be an enjoyable read Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.

  5. Sophie Kinsella knows exactly the right way to tap the nerves of readers. For heaven's sake, there are many books to brood over in terms of politics and society, relationships and finance, but Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic gives us the much needed change...Becky's two year old daughter- mini is one daughter who is a step ahead of her mom. Just love the moment,where she even bids on ebay to shop. WOAH....just the 'baby' whom all the parents will die for;)) out now on uRead on flat 33%discount!




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