18 April 2011

Let's compare our TBR piles #2

About five weeks ago I did my first TBR (to be read) pile post and it's time for an update.
The last time you and I counted our books we had the following numbers

I'm happy to state that in the last months I managed to reduce my TBR pile. I sorted out some books, read some and didn't buy as many as before. In general I'm taking more time to think about buying new books because I learned that sometimes a fast buying decision is not the best idea for me.

Right now my TBR pile looks like this

There are 59 books in my pile, 21 less than last month. The books in the middle pile are the ones I got since last month and haven't read since then. I already owned the books in the piles on the left and right side before last month.

I'm pretty happy with my progress and hope that next month there will be around 40 books left in my TBR pile.

Sabrina - 80
Khadija - 20
Jennifer - 113
Kah Woei - 7
Daisy - 86
Gina - 457
Mel - 143
Evi - 155
Orchid - 71
Dizzy C - 64
Felicia - 100
Crystal 250
Melanie - 94
Tynga - 276
Carol - 197
petit - 50
Nina - 20
Aurian - 1600 (!!!)
Sondrae - 20
Alexa - 250
Donna -
JenM - 150
Nicki - 16
lostinbelieving - 40
bluebell3442 - 150
Laurel-Rain - 80
Donna - 254
Stephanie - around 1100

How are your TBR piles? Are there any changes in the numbers?


  1. I haven't actually seen your previous posts about this, but thought I'd comment. My TBR list currently has 332 books on it. They aren't all in my possession. Some are books I hope to read sometime, but this book keeps growing. I think I'll try to avoid growing the list until I'm able to get it down to at least 325 books. (Baby steps!)

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Wow! You've made a lot of progress. I had knocked out a few, but then they were replaced by books I won...so I think I'm down to about 60.
    I'm really hoping to read through all the ones on my TBR from last year before summer rolls around, which means I need to read 31 books by June. *hmm, might not be possible*

    I might have to give up the library till I read down my TBR. TBR books read this year 23 and a lot more to go.

    Good luck with your TBR! ^_^

    The haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  3. Umm, mine has gotten bigger??? I guess I should be ashamed to admit that, but hey, what can I say, I'm a bookaholic, LOL. My problem is that buying the books is half the fun. Who says I actually have to read them?

  4. Yes, I bought more books but still managed to reduce my pile. Right now, I've got 5 books on my tbr list :-)

  5. Sabrina, what criteria do yo uuse to "sort out" books? I have to wait until I get home because I'm pretty sure I haven't updated my Goodreads list. Oh, and I see Holly Black's TITHE in your pile, I enjoyed that sereis of books.

    @ JenM - I'm right there with you. I have books that I was super excited about, purchased, and then my book ADD distracted me and I still haven't read them. :)

  6. Ah, yes - the TBR pile. I have to confess mine has gotten bigger - thanks to a couple of second hand sales I've been too recently my magic number now stands at 186! But I am reading hard to reduce it...next weekend I plan to spend a whole doing nothing but reading and reducing that number! :)

  7. Mine has gotten bigger as well... I had some gift cards that I used up, and now my number is 95. I read exactly ONE book that was sitting on my shelves (or rather, one I bought with a gift card) of the 19 books I've read since we last counted. That's pretty sad, right?

  8. Oh, my TBR-pile has a few more books than before... Just counted them and there are now 159.
    Like JenM says: buying them is half the fun! So what can I do? *sigh*

  9. Well, mine is worse. I had 16 last time but now I have 22. I have read lots - but then I got sent some to review and some others at NetGalley were just to shiny and appealing and I couldn't resist!! I hope to knock through a few over the Easter break though.

  10. Hmmm, mine is worse, as well. It's now at 474 but I did read 17 from my TBR List, though...

  11. If it helps, "Ten Things I Love About You" by Julia Quinn was really great, and I highly recommend reading it soon :o)

    Oh, and my TBR is crazy high... somewhere around 700. I don't have the energy to go count it, lol.

  12. My TBR pile of books has actually gone down, just 98 now! That seems so much more manageable.

    I agree with Sarah, Ten Things was a fun read.

  13. new count: 275
    So 1 less book then last month lol
    I read a few, got a few. I actually thought my pile would've been bigger hehe

  14. I read 18 of the last pile but I also added to my original pile.
    I now have 208 books. I think I have a book addiction!!! I checked, I bought 4 books since then. I tried limiting myself to only two genres and I succeeded doing that. I think I need to make a goal. My goal will be to have five less than my previous total. My birthday is coming up! I have finally come to realize that I can't read them as fast as they come in.
    I plan to not buy any cozys for the rest of the year and limit the historicals to American (few)
    and English now. My goal for next time will be to get down to 197 and then reduce the pile each month by 2?

    Please, please check with us again.


    1. I was looking ways to reduce my pile again. Now I am up to 406!!! I even have a friend who I am regulary giving book. At first it was books that I have read, now it is unread books!!! This is one year and three months from my previous post. Eeeeek

    2. 406 is an impressive number! I managed to reduce my TBR pile a bit since this post. Have you thought about a book buying ban? For some this works, but I could never do it.

  15. Alright so after I actually counted them I had:

    Paperbooks: 133 of which I have read 0 (and added more YIKES): total 145 now

    Audiobooks: 69 of which I have listened to 5 but bought 5 more

    I need a book ban LOL

  16. Lol, I don't think anything will ever change my TBR. But for my own blogoversary last week, I counted the amount of books read in one year, and that was 238 (and in only ten months I have bought 232), so I guess if I keep that up, I will drown in books in a few years. But I have made the promise to myself, to read one book each month from the stacks that have been with me for over two years now, and not just the new ones I keep buying.

  17. I read 10 of my books, but I got new ones, so I'm on 44, by now XD And with my tests, I won't reduce it any soon x_x'

  18. I reduced my pile to 251 from 254. Not a big drop but one nonetheless.

  19. I agree that buying books is so much fun. When I visited a bookstore in Frankfurt this week I just had to get a few new books because they looked so pretty and sounded so exciting. Being a bookaholic is great and nothing to be sad or ashamed about.

    Since counting I ordered a few books and next week I expect some books from bookmooch (9 books!!!) so it will be hard to achieve my goal for next week. And of course there are always the preordered books.

    @ Jennifer: I sorted out some books that were in my TBR pile for more than two years. Let's face it, there's a reason why I never read them. I tried to read them before but they didn't work for me and my reading taste has changed in the last two years so it was time to say goodbye to them.

    I'm already excited for next months post!!!




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