11 March 2011

Our TBR pile - the numbers

I decided to do a follow up post to "Let's compare our TBR piles". Below I listed the numbers of books in our TBR piles and ladies, I think together we could open our own library just by putting together the books in our piles. To be honest that's both an exciting and frightening thought.

But first I want to share with you two pics of my TBR piles at home.
After reading two books and sorting out some I'm down to 67. 

My mom's TBR pile contains 52 books and my sister has about 40, so I'm definitely not the only who is hoarding books in my family. 
Here's my mom's pile (all books are in German, a mix of thrillers, contemporary romances, paranormal romances, UF and young adult). 

And here are the numbers of books in our TBR piles from March 8th, 2011

Sabrina - 80 
Khadija - 20
Jennifer - 113
Kah Woei - 7
Daisy - 86
Gina - 457
Mel - 143
Evi - 155
Orchid - 71
Dizzy C - 64
Felicia - 100
Crystal 250
Melanie - 94
Tynga - 276
Carol - 197
petit - 50
Nina - 20
Aurian - 1600 (!!!)
Sondrae - 20
Alexa - 250
Donna - 
JenM - 150
Nicki - 16
lostinbelieving - 40
bluebell3442 - 150
Laurel-Rain - 80
Donna - 254

I'm excited to see how the numbers will look in one month. 


  1. LOL I am still working on my list :) I feel better knowing everyone else is right there with me :)

  2. Yeah! Someone has more than me! Yippee!!

  3. There is a lot of comfort in knowing there are others as bad as me out there! I hope we all manage to reduce the TBR piles slightly - or at least replace them with more fabulous books!

  4. I was going to go to Borders today because they are increasing their sales since they are closing but I just looked at all my books and held off on going yet again. As if I need more books lol

  5. Wow! That's insane. Good luck getting through your TBR. Mine is not even close to yours! :P

  6. Woah, super tall tbr piles! Mine is like super tiny in comparison, I only have a few books in mine right now because I recently turned in a ton of books to the library. I hope you enjoy them all and best of luck reading through your lovely looking books. Oh, and Graceling is really good, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

  7. 1600? WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? IT'S REAL? I'm scared now. I'll never complain about my TBR pile ever again. D:

    A Book and a Cupcake

  8. @Tynga: I think your's will not be the only one :)

  9. Ha! Stacia Kane bei Deiner Mutter im Stapel. Ich habe es in 7! Buchläden in ganz Berlin nicht auftreiben können ...
    Meine Mutter hat "Die Auswahl" schon gelesen und es gefiel ihr. Ebenso ist sie ein großer Fan von Michelle Raven. Über "Rubinrot" denkt sie gerade nach und ich hoffe, sie entschließt sich, denn ich habe es auch noch nicht gelesen *g* Wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Lesen!
    PS: Sorry fürs Deutsch schreiben, aber ich weiß ja, dass Du es verstehst ;)

  10. Ha! This post is hysterical! We have got some serious book addictions here! Let me ask this question then: how are you at lending books from your TBR pile to someone else? I find it incredibly difficult! I do manage to do it, but it is hard! (Probably because I've loaned books to people in the past and haven't got them back. Now I keep lists and track them down!)
    I wouldnt even call my TBR books a 'pile', I would call them a 'stash'. There's about 300 of them in boxes!'

  11. WOW! I bet if I really went through all of my TBR, I'd be shocked by the number. Maybe I will?

  12. @ Soleil, my mom buys nearly all of her books from amazon because it's easier this way.
    I actually order many books for her (for example the one by Stacia Kane and "Die Auswahl"). When I see a book in German I think she could like I just get it for her - without asking first :)

    @ Wendy Sice The only person I lend books to is my sis and she knows to take good care. Most of the other readers I know prefer to read books in German.

  13. Wow, I wish I had such a TBR pile! My TBR list is all online and I get most of my books from the library.

    I just found your blog and love it so far! I can't believe you read so many books! What's your secret? :)

  14. You can add my number to the list. I've finally counted. I have 254 total (tangible and digital). :)

  15. OMG! So many books! And I saw in the other post how someone had...1600?! That's...just...I have no words.

    Random sidenotes: I LOVE your artwork in the first pic, and yay, you have JJ's A Lot Like Love! I've heard great things about it!

  16. @Donna: Wow, you have a lot of books in your TBR. I added your number to the list.

    @thatcovergirl: Thanks.

  17. WOW!!!! All those books are pretty. LOL!!

    So this is physical TBR books.

    I have a ton =)

  18. It's so good to know I'm not alone! Though I probably need more help than others .... yeah I have around 1100 that includes physical and digital. Sigh. I'll most likely never read them all. Wishful thinking on my party!




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