02 March 2011

My ereader and I - a lovestory? Not really :(

When I bought my ereader (Sony PRS 300) last year I was excited but already knew that I would always prefer print books. However I was convinced that I could also enjoy reading ebooks. After owning my ereader for some months now I have come to the conclusion that reading regularly on my PRS is no fun for me.

When I'm reading an ebook I miss several things that I experience when reading a print book.
I miss

  • the smell of a book
  • the tactile experience when I have a book in my hands 
  • the possibility to put a book in one of my book shelves after reading it (I love my mini library)
  • the option to grab a book and just browse through it (not the same on an ereader)
  • the feeling of turning the page
  • looking at beautiful covers (not just pictures of it)
  • feeling the weight of a book
  • the possibility to skim over a cover 
  • the option to lend a book to my sis because I think she might enjoy it
  • that I can't use one of my wonderful bookmarks

In the last month I haven't used my PRS at all. On the one hand because I realized that I need to feel, smell, etc. a print book to really enjoy reading and on the other hand because I'm annoyed that my ereader freezes from time to time. Reading is something I do to relax and a freezing display is not relaxing. And that every ebook feels and smells the same is a problem for me. 

I also realized that one thing I love about reading is that it's free of technology. I don't want to press buttons or look at battery levels when reading. I just want to grab a book, perceive it and have a good time. And for me this means not using an eletronic device. In Germany print books are still in the majority and I'm happy that when I'm on the train I can peek at what the people around me are reading. 

I will continue to read some (as few as possible) review books on my ereader and ebooks from Mills and Boon but that's it.
Guess when it comes to books I'm a bit old-fashioned :)

What are your experiences with ereaders? Do you prefer ebooks or print books? Or do you like both?


  1. I've got the same reader as you, and while I still prefer real books too, I really like my reader.

    I've mostly just been using it for Netgalley though, so I guess the bonus with this is free books. I can't complain too much! :)

  2. I like both, but when I first got my ereader I had a lot of trouble getting used to not being able to flick through the pages ( I'm one of those readers who likes to read the end of the book after I've read a couple of chapters).

    I've gotten used to it now, but most of the books on my ereader are free ebooks, ebooks that were under £3 and books that can only be read on an ereader.

    I still love print books though, there are at least 20 that I'm getting in the next 6 months (most of them are for my birthday, so I'm not paying) but there are many more I want if I only had the money.

    The good thing ebout ereaders though, at least to me, is that it's a lot easier to eat and drink while reading if you're using an ereader, you don't have to worry about accidentally losing your page or struggle to keep the book open with one hand.

  3. I have the same ereader you do and I love it! I used to read the books from NetGalley on my laptop and this is such an improvement! Plus, I love that it's so light and I can easily take it with me wherever, in the past taking my book would sometimes mean a 800 page heavyweight in my bag all day long. And I don't have to worry about being almost finished with it, there are 60 more books on it that I can continue with.
    And I'll admit that sometimes I really appreciate that you can't see the cover of the book, cause while I love romance novels, they can have some pretty awful and embarassing covers.
    I do still buy a lot of print books and I'll admit that when I really love a book, I still want it on my shelf.

  4. I love my Kindle and feel like a limb is missing if I don't have it with me. That being said, I read both but paper books have firmly become a "at home luxury". I can just carry more on my ereader. However, I think it is great there are so many options for readers out there---I am all for however a book appeals to a person.

  5. I love my Kindle, mostly because I can get new releases without having to ship them internationally from the US. It was also really nice for those late night feedings with the baby and for travel (I can go through 6 books flying from the US to Dubai). However, if I were still living in the US, I probably wouldn't have it. I love real books.

  6. I have found similar experiences with my eco-reader. I miss the covers, but mostly I miss being able to glance at the top of the book and work out how much I've read, and to flick ahead to see how long it is until the end of the chapter. Also my eco-reader is a bit strange; it doesn't freeze, but it will say you are at page 2000 and all of a sudden the next page is the end of the book and it says 2223! So you're thinking, this book sounds like it's wrapping up, but there's still 223 pages to go, and then it finishes. Weird!

    I think it's definitely handy to have an e-reader for travelling, and to get some books for free or cheap, to save money. I am running out of space for real books, but I still love them, and people buy them for me for presents, which I love. I'm happy to have both and will just use them for different purposes. xx

  7. I love my nook. This past month I only read 2 print books. Mind you I've bought a lot of print books, that are sitting around waiting for me to read them. I like that I can have many books at my fingertips rather than having to carry them with me.

  8. I really do love my ereader, but I have to agree that I love the feel of a book in my hands. And I think that you articulated the reasons perfectly. I love to be able to flip through it to reread something I liked (without knowing I wanted to bookmark it right at the time).

    Plus, this BS of having to wait a week to download the e-version of a print book is so darned annoying.

    Since my nook was a gift, I admit that I feel guilty if I'm reading a PB in front of my hubby now.

  9. I have an ereader and have found that I'm really using it to download free and discounted books. I have not spent over $5 on any book. I also like it for BFBs. I bought New York by Edward Rutherfurd because it's about 800 pages. I'd much rather read it in my ereader... it's just too heavy to carry around.
    My only real "gripe" with them is that I can't loan books. If I love a book, I love to share it.
    I'll always read "real" books but my ereader has been a great "spacesaver" for my son. He's in Freshman Honors English and is reading a lot of classics. He, along with many classmates, uses an ereader and lessens the weight of his backpack. I think it's grat, too, that a lot of textbooks are in an ereader format.

  10. I prefer paper books for most of the reasons you mention. Also because they're cheaper. I get coupons all the time for retail stores, usually 33% off and I can't use them for most ebooks.

    I told myself I'd buy no more paper books after I got my e-reader (still get them from library), but cheapness wins out when a paper book is $4+ versus almost $8.

    An ereader can't be beat for vacation though. I used to pack up to 20 books and with the luggage fees, I save a bundle with my e-reader and one carry on.

  11. I love my Kindle. I've never had a problem with it freezing, and if I did, they have a very good return policy.

    With the shrinking bookstores, I'm happy to have this option. And I'm finding a lot of good e-books cheap. I'm reading Save My Soul by Zoe Winters now, and it's better than the hardcover book, written by a bestselling author, that I got from the library last Saturday.

  12. Yes I did fall in lust with the reader I borrowed, but it is still not the same thing.

    I love to touch books, and re-arrange them on my shelves. I love for them to just be there, and lend them to friends. Cos they just have to read them.

    An e-reader will never be the same thing

  13. I also dislike my e-reader. It skips a page, it jumbles a page, it won't open a book, or not after the second page, while on my computer screen there is nothing wrong with it. So I don't use it anymore. Perhaps when I'll go on vacation so I don't have to choose just a few books and carry them myself, but for now it is gathering dust.
    I also love finishing a book, writing the review and tumbing through the pages again, and then putting it with its proper companions in its proper place in my bookcases.

  14. I know exactly how you feel. I don't hate my eReader. There are some wonderful authors that are only published in eFormat right now and I'd miss out on them if I didn't have my eReader. But I feel I will always go for the print copy over the e copy when available. It just feels more like escaping into a book when I'm holding that book and looking at that cover.
    Great post!

  15. I love my Nook and use it way more than I thought I would. I was a paper book lover, and I held out a long time before I bought an eReader. Once I had one, I really fell in love with it.

    So far this year I've read 19 books, and 16 of those were digital. Of course, many of those books are available as eBooks only, so it helps to have an eReader.

    Still, there are some books I just want in paperback or hardcover, like my Elizabeth Chadwick collection.

  16. I just recently got a Kob. I didn't expect to use it much, but I have been surprised. I still prefer print books because, like you, I love the smell and feel of them, but I don't mind swapping and changing between print books and the ereader now.
    Mainly I am reading free NetGalley ebooks on the Kobo though or ebooks written by friends. If it is a book I am going to buy, I would still get print.

  17. I love books and I always will love books, but two things are now important to me. I love the fact that I can make the font bigger at the end of the day and read without my glasses. Secondly, I can hold a feverish child sleeping in my arms and read with one hand! I'll still buy books and place them on my keeper shelf if they belong there, but I really like my Nook!

    Barb at Sugarbeat's Books

  18. I am not much in love with my ereader either. But, I didn't get it with that in mind. I knew I was getting it so that I could read only the books I could get no other way. It isn't great but it keeps me from complete boredom in some sad waiting places.

  19. First of all thank you for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, I like both. I still love reading a real book more than reading on my e-reader but because of my e-reader I had the chance to read some amazing books that I would have missed out on if I hadn't bought an e-reader

  20. All of those reasons are exactly why I love print books so much! I have an e-reader and I do enjoy it, especially the ease with which I can buy books and travel with more than 1 or 2, but I will always prefer having a book in my hands:)

  21. I don't have an ereader and haven't even touch one so far. I am pretty sure, I am more of a real books person. I agree to everything you said. I just think it might be easier to travel with an ereader instead of my 15+ books for a two-week-holiday. *g*

  22. Couldn't agree more. I love the paper medium, and I hope the popularity of e-books doesn't kill it :-( I miss visiting bookstores, as I can no longer justify buying a book there since it costs double the Amazon price. It would be sad if paper books became a novelty and started costing a fortune :(

  23. i want ebook..wherever i am i can read it together with my mobile phone..




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