01 March 2011

Review: If I stay - Gayle Forman

If I stay by Gayle Forman
published 2009
Young Adult
bought my own copy

Seventeen year old Mia is a happy and normal teenager until the moment when she and her family are involved in a horrible car accident that kills her parents and her little brother. Mia is severely hurt and has an important decision to make: should she stay and go back to life without her family or should she follow them?
Mia's grandparents, friends and her boyfriend Adam all want her to stay. But what will Mia decide?

I first read "If I stay" in August 2010 and yesterday I felt like it was time for a reread to get ready for the release of "Where she went" in April. I don't know why I didn't wrote a review the first time I read the book however now it's finally time to do it. 

"If I stay" is a book I loved even though it made me cry a lot. Normally I hate crying because it makes my eyes puffy and afterwards my head (and even my brain) hurts but I loved the emotional aspects of this book. Mia's story is heart-breakingly beautiful and her journey to the decision - should she stay alive or go with her family who died - is fascinating up to the last sentence. Gayle Forman tells the story in a quiet voice that mesmerised me completly. Once I started the book I couldn't stop until I read the last sentence. 

I enjoyed that Mia's family was a happy one, they loved each other and had fun together. I especially liked reading about the tight bond between Mia and her little brother and that the family shared a mutual love for music. I also liked that Mia was a normal, shy girl and she was interesting without being a troublemaker. I also enjoyed that Mia and Adam's relationship developed slowly and that both felt deeply for the other. 
Seeing Mia's past and her relationship with her family and Adam through her eyes was wonderful and very emotional. I think Mia's story is a book that people of all ages will enjoy. It's a book you can share with your sister, friend and your mother. It's a book with a timeless theme and Gayle Forman's way of writing is very engaging and makes reading the book easy and a joy. 
To say I'm excited to read "Where she went" in a month would be a huge understatment. I can't wait to see how the story will go on and I'm sure that the book will be just as great and emotional as "If I stay". 

I like the cover but it's not my favourite of all of the covers for "If I stay".

final appraisal
A wonderful book that made me cry, smile, laugh and swoon. I would recommend this book to all readers who enjoy emotional stories and for fans of quiet, intense books. 


  1. This sounds like a really powerful story!

  2. I love If I Stay - it's one of my faves, although it made me cry too! I'm really looking forward to reading Where She Went. Can't wait!

  3. I really enjoyed this story but I've never seen this particular cover. I'm also looking forward to Where she went. Thanks for sharing!




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