17 March 2011

Crocodile on the Sandbank - Elizabeth Peters

Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
published 1975
#1 in the Amelia Peabody series
bought my copy

Amelia Peabody is excited to finally see more of the world than her home England. Since her father died and left her a lot of money she has been planning to visit Italy and especially Egypt.
In 1884 headstrong, witty and opinionated women aren't the norm so Amelia stands out wherever she goes. While in Rome Amelia meets and rescues an English woman called Evelyn and together they continue to Egypt. Once there they meet old lovers, a weird mummy and two men who could change their lifes.
Will Amelia manage to solve the mystery of the mummy and will she find the man who is strong enough to be a true partner?

"Crocodile on the Sandbank" is a book that was in my to be read pile for months (could be over a year) and once I started it, I asked myself why I waited so long. Elizabeth Peter's dry sense of humour made me enjoy every page of this book. The author's writing style and discovering the world through Amelia's life is what made this book so special. Peter's managed to capture my interest for the story and her characters with the first sentences and never lost it.

Amelia Peabody is an extraordinary heroine. Her witty remarks, inner monologues and the way she sees the world were very entertaining and she made me laugh out loud several times. I planned to share some of her amusing remarks with you but realized that without the context her dry humour doesn't really work. I also enjoyed that Amelia is a very opinionated woman who doesn't judge people by the moral standards of society. She trusts her own instincts and believes in giving people a chance.
I also enjoyed reading about the other characters like Evelyn, Lucas and especially Emerson. The banters between Amelia and Emerson were hilarious and I'm excited to read more about them in the next books of the series.
The mystery part of the book was relatively easy to solve but this didn't bother me at all. The mystery added some thrill to the story and gave the characters the chance to interact with each other.
By the way, the author portrait in "Crocodile on the Sandbank" is my opinion the best I've ever seen. It put me in the perfect mood to enjoy this book.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when starting the first book in a long series however this time I'm happy that there are still so many more books to read and enjoy.

Even though the cover is not in the style I ususally prefer I like it and it fits perfectly to the story

final appraisal
The heroine's dry sense of humour and the author's writing style were perfect for me. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I'm excited to read more adventures with Amelia and Emerson. There is something special about the way Elizabeth Peters created her characters and I'm happy to have discovered this series. 

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