08 February 2011

Whom do you trust?

When I'm looking for new authors and books to read I often check the blogs I follow, browse online bookstores or go to my local bookstore. Of course there are some book bloggers that I especially trust when it comes to book recommendations because in the past we had the same taste in books. I also like to read reviews online before buying a book just to check if there are any story elements that I might dislike. 
I also trust my mother and sister. For example I planned to read "The Hunger Games" soon but my sister (she just finished the series) told me that the books are not for me. She knows what plots, characters, etc. I enjoy and what I don't like in books. So although many readers love this series I will not read it because I trust my sis. 

I'm influenced by my family, other bloggers and reviewers however the one person I trust the most is myself. If I feel that a book might be for me then not even a horrible review by a trusted blogger can stop me from reading it. 

Whom do you trust when choosing a book to read?


  1. WOW! Awesome question - as always you really make me think!
    Hmm, there are really very few people who suggest books for me. I don't know anyone (non-bloggers) who reads other than that Amish/Mennonite stuff.. which just annoys me quickly. So, I guess I'd say just my blog buddies!

  2. To decide whether or not to choose a particular book to read, I always like to read blogs and reviews to see what other people have to say (cover blubs can be so misleading sometimes). I may be easily influenced at times, but I agree that if there are elements in the story that I know that I won't like, then I will probably not pick the book up even if there are hundreds of 'good' reviews for it. So I would also say, you just gotta trust and decide for yourself :)

  3. I usually look to The Book Chick, as she and I have similar tastes in books. I also trust my close friends who know my tastes. :)

  4. My friend Jennifer is great for giving me recommendations. But I read many more genres then she does, so I usually check blogs. Most likely if you are on my list of followed blogs, I'll trust you enough for recommendations :)

  5. I totally trust you and I am not joking here. I know, that books you like ususally are my cup of tea. You read more genres, but when it comes to contemporary romance, I know your taste will match mine.

    Apart from that, I trust Amazon (not always) and other bloggers or Seppies.

  6. I trust sources - like in the plural. When a few sources will tell me something's good, I will pounce! :)

  7. You have such a great answer to this question! I love that you take recs and thoughts from bloggers, family, etc. but still make final decisions on your own. I'm way too easily swayed for that. =)

    Another place I look when considering a book is goodreads.com. I look at the overall rating and some of the reviews. That helps me know a little bit more about what I'm getting myself into when I pick up a new book!


  8. I trust...oh just all of you :D I read tons of reviews to get the feel of a book, i need the bad and the good and then I figure things out

  9. General reviews- I don't think there is one blogger that I trust more than another, though I generally don't trust reviewers who rate EVERYTHING 5 STARS and gush over a book without saying anything particularly insightful. I also check out Goodreads ratings a lot. I've found those to be pretty useful. More than anything I just trust myself- if I want to read it, I'm going to read it, no matter what anyone else says about it!

  10. I trust a mixture of the following

    the blurb

    blog reviews

    checking out the author's site to see what other comments have been on the book

    my own judgement, as we are all individual in our tastes. I have been caught buying a book on the strenght of fab reviews only to be underwhelmed by it. Saying that I need to still get these books to make my own mind up :)


  11. This is a good point generally I'll look through a few blogger reviews but I always end up on goodreads seeing what my 'friends' think of the book and see how many people actually like it and how many people don't.
    But sometimes it is hard and you have to go with your gut instinct whether the blurb really sways you!

  12. I trust a few selected bloggers who have similar tastes to me and who I can count on for really honest reviews, Amazon recommendations & gut instinct!

    Great question!

  13. I check out reviews, sometimes check the last page of the book to make sure it ends "the way I want it to" (horrible, I know), and sometimes I just like the premise so much that I buy it anyway. What I like about reading book blogs is that I'm exposed to books and genres that I might normally pass by because it's not my thing. So I say, even thought the Hunger Games isn't your normal thing, borrow your sister's copy. It's free, and like I tell my students, If you don't like it by the first 50 pages, then you're done.




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