23 February 2011

When nothing you read works for you

Do you know the feeling when none of the books you read manages to grab your interest and when you finish reading them you feel like something is missing? That's exactly what I feel right now. 
The week before last I was in book heaven because of the awesome books in the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep and Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb. However since then none of the new books I read (or tried to read, some I didn't even finish) made me feel happy and want to write a review about. I tried a contemporary romance, a scifi romance, two chick-lit stories and two YA books however none of the books made me say "Yes, this was a great story". The only positive thing is that I managed to reduce my TBR pile a bit.

Last weekend I decided to reread a favourite because I was feeling frustrated with my reading slump. I chose "Unsticky" by Sarra Manning because I adore the book and it made me happy. 
Now I'm sitting in front of some more books from my TBR pile and hope that "Across the Universe" by Beth Revis, "The Finishing Touches" by Hester Browne and books #2 and #3 in the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost will manage to bring me back to book heaven. 

What do you do when nothing you read works for you? Do you take a break from reading or just go on until you finally find a book that you enjoy? 


  1. I really liked Across The Universe, but it's not really a romance. I still think it's a great read, but fair warning, the book summary on the back is misleading.

  2. Jennifer, I bought "Across the Universe" after reading your review because you made the book sound so good and fascinating. Maybe a story that's not centred around a romance will be a nice change for me.

  3. Both :-)

    Sometimes I just can't find any book I want to read, and other times I just have to search through my pile of books until I find one that gets me out of my slump.

  4. I usually just take a day or two break and then grab an oldie off of the shelf.
    Good luck!

  5. I've read a few blah books recently that did nothing for me. Usually when this happens, I try to pick up a book that I'm pretty sure I will love. This usually tends to be a paranormal romance with a hot guy I know I will crush on. lol!

    I started reading Across the Universe so far. I've heard all good things, but I'm 100 pages in and it's kinda slow so far. Hope it picks up soon.

  6. I hate it when this happens. I will try another and another until I do find one.

    It is usually library choices this happens with.

    It hasnt been happening of late.
    Maybe I am getting choosier with my selections.


  7. I've heard mixed things about Across The Universe. I hope it goes well for you. When all else fails, I usually pick up a Harlequin when I have a reading slump. Something light and fluffy and fun.

  8. @ Sabrina - Oh wow, now I really hope you liked the book. :)

    @ Leanna - I have a question, do you normally like sci-fi books? When I first read ATU, I loved it and thought it would be good for those who don't normally like/read sci-fi. But now I've seen several reviews and comments where people said the beginning was slow. I never thought the beginning was slow, but I do like sci-fi books. It's got me thinking that maybe ATU isn't a good read for those who aren't big sci-fi readers. Just a theory, what do you think?

  9. I have 3 books that do it for me everytime and remind me why I love Romance (and yes Romance is what reminds me I like to read)

    Wishes by Jude Deveraux
    Tonight and Always by Linda L. Miller
    Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

  10. I've just made it out of a major book slump! Trial by Fire from Jo Davis pulled me out of it.

  11. I hate when a book is so bad I just can't finish it! Books slumps for me don't usually last long but I never take a break, I usually will just switch to a completely diffrent genre than the ones Ive been reading lately. Even if it doesn't turn out to be a 5 star read, the change can be refreshing enough to end the slumpyness.

  12. No time for breaks! ;)
    So I just choose something else, or suffer through.

    I hope you find better books

  13. I think it's hard to find a book when you come down from a hot streak. I'm at the same point where I read three amazing books right after each other and now am having trouble getting into anything.

  14. I hate it when nothing I read works for me! That's usually when I take a break from reading. The break only lasts a few days.

  15. Lol how funny I was just thinking about this the other day. I have been reading things in the past 3 weeks that I thought have been good but they just are lacking the wow/amazing book factor for me. I finally picked up Halfway to the Grave and I'm happy that I did because Bones has certainly made the top 5 adult male fictional characters for me. So I would have to say I just keep reading in the hope that sometimes will wow me.

  16. Thanks for all the interesting answers ladies.
    Yesterday I didn't have much time to read but today I will start with the new books so wish me luck.

  17. Awww, that's the worst! Reading a bunch of meh books for a long time really sucks the fun out of reading. I do both depending on the situation. Taking a break and really not reading anything other than the occasional magazine or just reading until I find another great read. I find taking a break and watching movies or doing something else for a while works best because I really start to miss reading and then I get super excited to read again. But just continuing reading also works, I love finding unexpectedly great books this way.

  18. What kind of reader are you?
    The Book Whore
    Your a collector. You buy and buy (or borrow) books like your life depends on it. Your constantly broke and have a book on you at all times. Your running out of bookshelf space and your always reading a book. Sometime more than one! Your never without, whether at dinner, at work, hanging with friends, etc. You even have an emergency book stashed in your car! You want to read any and all books as possible.

    The Book Tease
    You try and try, but can never finish, or in some cases start a book. But it looks so dang pretty as a shelf ornament. You buy books that sound interesting, but when it comes down to it, you'd rather do something else with your time. You love books, but hate reading. The next time you decide to buy a book, just save your money because you know you'll never read it.

    The Committer
    You read. You enjoy reading. But you can never find that one AWESOME book that you've read before. So instead of trying to find a book just as good, you'll read that awesome book over and over until you've worn it out to the spine. You love that book so much you feel like a cheater when you find another book that's just as awesome.


  19. I usually try to stick it out and hope it gets better as the book continues, but if for some reason its not working for me I just move on. But if they're just slow reads, good but not fantastic and doesn't hold my attention for too long I just mark my spot and start with another book and then go back on to the slow one when I'm finished working my way through the pile.




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