10 February 2011

Review: Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep
published January 2010
Urban Fantasy 
#1 in the Elemental Assassin series

Gin Blanco isn't what most people would call normal. She has magical abilities, works as an assassin and lost her family when she was a child. And still she enjoys her life and is happy.
However when a client tries to kill her and brutally murders her surrogate father Fletcher her life changes. Gin wants revenge and is willing to do everything to find out who ordered the killing. Together with Fletcher's son Finn, Detective Donovan Caine and other friends she starts the search.
Will they be able to find Fletcher's murderer and will Gin get her revenge?

I bought "Spider's Bite" some months ago and at the beginning of this week finally decided to give it a try. At first I just wanted to read some pages to get a feeling for the story however after I finished the first chapter I knew that this book would be awesome. Right from the start on I enjoyed Jennifer Estep's writing style. She managed to capture my interest, made me sympathise with her characters and I often felt like I was part of the story.

That Gin Blanco works as an assassin never bothered me. She doesn't kill because of the thrill, she kills because that's what she was teached to do and it doesn't hurt that her targets are mostly monsters. So far I read three books with assassins as the heroine/hero and all of them worked perfectly for me.
In Gin's world you have to be hard and ruthless to survive. In a world where a cruel woman rules over Gin's hometown and where dirty cops are the norm only the strongest have a chance. Gin learned the hard way that there is no justice for those without power and money.
Reading about Gin and her job was always interesting and I found her very likable. I also loved reading about her interactions with Fletcher and Finn. And I enjoyed that the relationship between her and Detective Caine is just at the beginning and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Caine is one of the few good cops in the town and he wants to believe that people are honest and that his fellow cops are clean. I hope that he will get the chance to learn more about Gin and who she really is.
The mix between thrilling, funny, sexy and sad scenes felt just right to me and after finishing the book I immediately ordered the next two in the series because I was so enthralled by "Spider's Bite".

I love it. I like how the heroine is portrayed and it fits perfectly to the story.

final appraisal
This book is a fantastic start into Jennifer Estep's UF series. "Spider's Bite" is thrilling, entertaining and I loved reading every page of it. When I finished the book I immediately wanted to read on and that's always a good sign. 
If you are looking for a thrilling, fantastic book with complex, unusual characters then you should go and get "Spider's Bite".


  1. Eee! I always get so excited when someone reads this book. It's like I get to relive the excitement. ^__^

    Gin's a complex gal, but she's so much fun to follow. I look forward to your thoughts on the next two books (and the fourth when it's out!)

  2. yay, glad you liked it! I read the three books of this series all in a row because I couldn't put them down...and I liked each one better than the last. Hope the same goes for you!

  3. I couldn't put it down too and after reading a few chapters I ordered book 2 and 3 *g* Gin is an incredible character and I love reading about her.

  4. I am so glad to see a review of this book! I have read the first three and I think they are all great! I like her writing style too!

  5. Great review :)
    For some reason this book did not work for me, such a shame, since I do love UF

  6. I just got this book earlier this week so I'm glad to hear it is good. Thanks for a great review.

  7. I loved this one also! One of my favorites of last year. Venom is next for me.

    Thanks for the great review.

  8. I really, really want to read this series! It's great to know yet another person liked it so much. I haven't read a single bad review which of course is a great thing! Can't wait to get the chance to get started on the series. :)

  9. I stopped by your blog today. I like your post on "who do you trust". If a friend has had similar likes/dislikes as I have had in the past - those are the people I trust to follow what they're reading.

  10. I will have to put this on my list! I had not really heard much about it but sounds like my kind of series!

  11. I love this series so far. I was glad I gave it a chance because I did not like Estep's super heroes series.

  12. Yay, it's great to hear from others who also enjoyed the book. I'm about to start with "Web of Lies" and hope that it's also fantastic.

  13. Yay!!! Another fan!!=)

    I love this series to no end. I recently read an arc to Tangled Threads and trust me when I say you must read on!!=)!!

    Love the review!

  14. I've really been wondering about this series. I had someone recommend it to me, but I wasn't sure. I wanted something different and this looks like it may be it. Great review, thanks!

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