03 February 2011

Review: The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton
published February 1, 2011
erotic contemporary sports romance
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Mick Riley and Tara Lincoln couldn't be more different on first glance. He is a famous, rich football star often surrounded by beautiful women love and she is a single mom who has normally no time for men. But as soon as they meet there is something special between them. They spend an amazingly sexy night together but Mick wants more. He is fascinated by Tara and the more time they spent together the more intense their feelings become.
Will they give their relationship a chance or will the differences in their lifes make a future for them impossible?

Like so many other romance readers I have been admiring the amazing cover of "The Perfect Play" for months. I was very excited to read the book and to see if it's as good as the cover promises. And I'm happy to announce that "The Perfect Play" is just as good on the outside as it's on the inside. 
Reading about Mick and Tara was a lot of fun. Jaci Burton managed to capture my interest through her engaging writing style and the book was a light-hearted story and easy to read. 
Both Mick and Tara were likable characters and I enjoyed reading about their relationship. There were a lot of very hot sex scenes between them. I also liked the scenes when Tara and Mick shared the hard times of their pasts and also the scenes between Mick and Tara's son. 

I think "The Perfect Play" was just the right book to start the Play by Play series because it was very entertaining, sexy and made me excited for more. When I think about the next book in the series I'm excited that Elizabeth and Gavin will be the main characters in "Changing the Game". Although Liz did some mean and nasty things in "The Perfect Play" I still liked her and I want to learn more about her. 


final appraisal
A very sexy book with great, likable characters that makes me excited for more. "The Perfect Play" contains everything that I love in sports romances and it was so much fun to read.


  1. oh my, your review makes me sooo curious - The Perfect Play is already on my wishlist and I hope to read it soon :)
    greetings, Melanie

  2. I do think there are too much man titty out there, but oh man this cover is gorgeous :D I am glad the inside is just as good

  3. This book is on my wishlist, but I think I should change this and buy it :)

  4. How do you manage to come up with reviews for books, which I am ready to read soon? It's amazing. I started reading Icebreaker today and am not sure about Adam so far. Like him, like him not? Hmmm, we'll see. I am only on page 20 or so, I think it'll change once I get to know him. *g*

    Happy Reading!

  5. Yup. This is on my read soon list.

  6. Sanna, hope you will come to like Adam when reading on.

  7. Great review. I was planning on reading this already, but now I'm even more intrigued :-)

  8. Great review! I’m madly in love with the cover. I hope I can find time to read this one soon :)




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