01 February 2011

Review: Everyone loves a hero - Marie Force

Everyone loves a hero by Marie Force
published February 1, 2011
contemporary romance
received a copy for review and bought one

Cole Langston is a hero even though he doesn't want to be. Landing an airliner after his pilot had an attack was just something he had to do. Sure it doesn't hurt that women look at him adoringly wherever he goes (even more than before) but the co-pilot is ready to go back to a normal life.
When he meets shy Olivia it's clear to him that she is the one. However Olivia isn't so easy to convince that a normal woman like herself is really right for a man like Cole who's life is so different from her own. Will Olivia give Cole a chance or will she be too intimitated by his fame and the women from his past?

Right from their first meeting on I loved reading about Cole and Olivia. Their relationship started in a beautiful way and still I could understand Olivia's doubts. Because lets face it, when you are a normal, shy woman you don't expect a gorgeous, sexy and famous man to fall in love with you at first sight. I don't think that this has to do with a lack of self-confidence it's just a realistic way to look at life.
Cole was a wonderful hero. The way he cared about Olivia and especially her happiness was beautiful. He helped her to become more self-confident and to find a career she loves because her happiness was everything for him. I also enjoyed that other women stopped to be important once he met Olivia. Don't get me wrong, Cole definitely wasn't a saint but once he chose to commit to Olivia past relationships became unimportant.

I also loved reading about Olivia. Because of the experiences she made in the past I could understand why she sometimes chose to mistrust Cole. If I had to meet three different women from my boyfriends past (all beautiful and still interested in him) I would also have to work hard to not doubt myself and the relationship. Still I was at times a bit frustrated with Olivia and how she handled the issues between her and Cole but it fit to her personality and like I said I could understand the reasons behind her behaviour.
I enjoyed the way Marie Force showed that sometimes you have to work hard to move from love at first sight to a relationship full of trust.
The authors writing style was very engaging and always kept me interested in reading on. Once I started the book I just had to continue until Cole and Olivia got their HEA.

A bit too flashy for my taste but it fits to the story and the guy is sexy :)

final appraisal
Everyone loves a hero is book that I loved reading. Both main characters were likable and fascinating. I enjoyed that their love story was complex and that the characters and their issues felt real to me. Cole is a hero I loved reading about because the way he cared about Olivia's happiness was just beautiful. I also loved that Olivia grew more and more self-confident throughout the book.


  1. Wonderful review...Adding it the tbr list..!! Something about those sunglasses just gets me..:)

  2. Great review! I have always liked the name Olivia.

  3. I just started reading, but read a lot. They were just so sweet. So will read more today and finish tomorrow. Need to know what happens :)




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