27 January 2011

When is it time to stop reading an author?

Last year in spring I stopped reading two authors I had been reading for years because their books just didn't work for me any longer. And it's happening again. This time I'm thinking (more like already decided) about stopping to buy and read books by three authors that I have been reading for years. It's sad and a bit depressing to let go of an author you enjoyed reading for years but I don't want to spend my money and time on books I don't like and that frustrate me. 

I guess I have changed in the last years and the authors I read have also changed. Sometimes the change is in the same direction. For example I still love nearly every book (old and new) by Nora Roberts. However when the change goes into different directions it's time to move on. I still can and will enjoy the older books by the three authors but that's it. 

The reasons why I enjoy the books no longer are various. One author tends to create weak heroines (sometimes even pathetic) and heroes I don't like. Another uses plots that are not logical and characters that bore me. And the third writes the same story again and again plus I can't laugh about her jokes any longer.

Saying goodbye to these three authors is a bit sad but it also means that I have more time and money to discover new books and authors. So I guess it's also positive and exciting. 

When is it time for you to stop reading an author whose books you enjoyed for years? Has it already happened to you?


  1. i dont really read by author. i read by cover and blurb.

    It hasnt happened to me as yet that i wont read an author any more. maybe because the authors i do go back to every time i love and also because i dont get to read them that often.

    if i sat down to a whole series in a short period of time like i used to, by now i probably would have been bored to tears by some of my favourite authors.

    but i dont get that chance anymore especially since i started my blog. not wanting to just have the same series being reviewed over the course of a month i try to mix it up now...not getting to the next book in a series for up to months at a time in some cases.

  2. I think sometimes we outgrow authors who are staying the same. Not too long ago i adored Dyan Sheldon's Princess Diaries series, but nowadays everytime i try to get into one of her books i wind up disopointed.

    Great post!


  3. It has happened to me twice both times I can say that it might be me not them. Their books were sounding like the same story, different characters, and I felt a little cheated. So I stopped reading them but I won't say that I won't ever go back to them.

  4. It has definitely happened to me. In fact, I just made that difficult decision last week. I had 6 of the author's books sitting in my TBR pile, and I knew I wasn't going to read them (slogged through most of one, then part way through another - trying to give her a fair chance to re-gain my love) so I listed them for swap. Bummer all the way around because I'm sad for the loss of an author I used to really enjoy, and because I wasted the money buying books I'm not going to read.

  5. That's happened to me, though I tend to just stop reading them for a long time and maybe come back to them later. It's usually because it's the same ol' story as a lot of the author's other books. ESPECIALLY for historical romances - poor, witty girl captures the heart of haughty-but-well-intentioned rich man, they fall in love despite not liking each other... that's been done a million times!

  6. I tend to read by book as opposed to by author. I mean, I read Christopher Pike, RL Stine and Stephen King and I haven't had any problems with them. But I don't follow them religiously. I guess If there was an author that I did follow like that I'd give them 3 books and stop if all three were consecutively bad. Then it's time to move on.

  7. There are several authors whose series I've read to the bitter end and asked myself, Why???? #1 I got them from the library so I didn't actually spend money #2 There was always the vague hope it would get better #3 The comfort of the familiarity with the characters.

    There's so much out there right now that I am much more inclined to stop reading a book that doesn't really hold my attention or if I actively dislike the leading characters. I think that's happened 5 or 6 times in the last year. A few years ago, it was maybe 1 book a year, once I started I seemed to think I had to finish.

  8. It's happened to me twice I can think of, and I'm giving one author one more book/chance before I stop reading hers too.

  9. I have noticed that I have a few authors that I have read for years, but haven't put on the top of the pile when their books arrived. I have actually started to put them on the wish list. It sometimes feels like I am being disloyal, but I shouldn't feel like I have to read something when I am reading for myself.

  10. Do not ask me, I still read Evanovich and I have not even like her last few books. but I just can't give up cos her books used to crack me up

  11. actually it happened to me just recently...
    the author I'm talking about is J.R.Ward... I really enjoyed her first, second and third book of the "Black-Dagger-Series", but when I read the fourth I was kind of disappointed. At first I thought it might just be a fluke or it was just that I really didn't like the main characters, but the following books weren't any better (actually they became even worse). I know a lot(!) of people enjoy this series, but for me those books are getting more and more depressing. To me it seems like J.R.Ward is feeling some pressure to write something new and so she crams all the obstacles she can think of into her books (sometimes even extremely repulsive things). And that's not what I'm looking for in a book.

    Yeah, I like suspense and I enjoy reading about the hero and the heroine overcoming those problems together, but there should be some limit to it. And if there have to be absurd and ridiculous twists at the end of the book, so that you can say that you read something resembling a "happy" end, that's not enough for me.

    I don't really feel bad for giving up on her. I mean of course I'm sorry for all those books, which do have a lot of potential, but if an author doesn't entertain me anymore I see no sense in wasting my money for her books!
    That might sound harsh, but that's just how I feel about it...

  12. I also don't read by author. I read by subject of the book. So, I guess I'm not a loyal reader, haha! However, I have definitely picked a book up because of liking the author and decided it was not for me, only to pick up a later work by the same author and like them again!

  13. There are only a few authors who I'm particularly loyal to, usually I go by blurb or word of mouth. I end up giving up on an author one of two ways. One, I find that I really really loved one of there series, but the rest of their work doesn't do it for me. So I just keep the series and ignore the rest. Or I stop reading an author after they've published three or so books I think aren't worth reading.

  14. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to finishing a series. I've gotten wrapped up in the characters and really want to know how the series will end, and then sometimes suffer through some books I don't really care for. I've completely dropped one author because she has become so repetitive within the same book. Whole chapters of monologue are simply the same idea repeated MULTIPLE TIMES in the same chapter. I'd really like to know what's happened to the characters, but I just can't take it any more.
    I also agree with Schenni, I had trouble with one of the BDB books (Phury's). But I've hung in and the series is doing better (in my opinion).
    I do have two other books by different authors that have been sitting on my TBR shelf for at least 3 years. I just got weary of the writing, but I ended up with another book and just can't bring myself to read them. I'm hoping to pick them up this year, but I won't be surprised if they sit there for another year. I'm just done with the storytelling.

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

  15. Great post.
    When is it time?
    When it's time...simply as that.

    At some point your taste changes, you grow up, mature and develop areas which you find facinating.

    At some point YA books no longer speak to you, or the romance genre becomes boring, or you develop an interest in a certain period in history (or a character) and lose those interest as well.

    It took me years to appreciate some of the finest authors in the world (some I still don't "get") and it took me years to lose passion for others.


  16. Just to add my 2 cents.....I agree with most of the post above! I think that we outgrow authors and some authors just become complacent. I recently gave up on an author that I've loved for years. The last 4 or 5 book have been humdrum and I got tired of it. Another author I've recently given up on I think I outgrew. Her books are the same as always, but I guess I'm not...

  17. This is so sad when it happens. I've had this happen to me a few times and I'm so sad when I gradually stop reading an author's works regularly that I loved for so long, because I can't enjoy them anymore. I don't think I ever really stop reading an author's works though, if I love the author I'll usually revisit their past books or pick up one of their new books every few years just to see if I like their writing again or not. It's super hard to let go. It's usually because my tastes change or their writing changes and the books don't work for me anymore.

  18. Great post! I think it's time to stop reading an author when you're no longer enjoying their work. Give it maybe one more book to make sure, then move on. For instance, I've stopped reading the Stephanie Plum series as it became boring and nothing ever changes. On the other hand, I love the Eve Dallas series because the characters change and grow and stay interesting!





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