01 January 2011

Review: Tempest's Legacy - Nicole Peeler

Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler
published January 3, 2011
#3 in the Jane True series
Urban Fantasy

Jane True is back in Rockabill and her days are filled with work, training her powers and spending time with her new magical friends. Anyan hasn't contacted her for weeks and Jane's relationship to Ryu is more complicated than ever.
So when Anyan all of a sudden appears again Jane knows that he doesn't come with good news. Soon they are right in the middle of a fight against a gruesome enemy who kidnaps females and then brutalizes them in horrible and inhuman ways.
Will Jane True, Anyan and the others be able to stop the cruel happenings and will she finally embrace her unusual powers?

When I started reading "Tempest's Legacy" it took me only a few pages to get back into the story and it was like I had just finished book #2 in the Jane True series. Right from the first pages on I enjoyed reconnecting with Jane and all of the other characters.
I loved reading about the changes in Jane's life and how in the end she finally embraced her powers. It was fascinating to learn more about the magical world and the power games that go on in it. Some parts of the book are horrible and to see the cruel things that happened to the females was heart-breaking. Jane was amazingly strong when it came to dealing with what was going on and I loved that she finally became more active and fought back. Jane's romantic life was just as complicated as the rest however I was very pleased with the changes and with seeing more of Anyan (I have a tiny crush on him:)).

There are some thrilling action scenes and also some lovely, quiet scenes. All in all the book was darker than the two before but there were also some lighter moments and hope for a more peaceful future.
Nicole Peeler's writing style was once again very engaging and I was always interested in reading on. At the end of the story a new storyline is opened and I think Jane's life will get even more dangerous because of it. Just like the two books before in the Jane True series "Tempest's Legacy" made a deep and lasting impression on me. The story and the way it's told is very powerful and makes me think about what was going on in the book and similar things that happen in real life. 

Love it. All of the covers in this series are fantastic.

final appraisal
"Tempest's Legacy" is fascinating, dark, thrilling and powerful. 
The Jane True series amazes me once again through a unique story, captivating characters and the way Nicole Peeler manages to make the reader feel part of the world she created. 
It was a joy to read how Jane True decided to fight the evil of her new world and how she began to embrace her extraordinary powers.  I'm very excited to read how the story will go on. 


  1. Skimming so I wont spoil anything for me, but I read it was good and that is good enough for me.

  2. i am sooo jealous right now!!! I ordered this 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived!!!

    im sorry but i hate you at the moment for having read this...so jealous!




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