10 January 2011

Review: Fatal Justice - Marie Force

Fatal Justice by Marie Force 
published January 3, 2010
#2 in the Fatal series
romantic suspense
requested and received a copy for review

Days after Lieutenant Sam Holland solved a high profile case she's once again in the spotlight. Instead of enjoying her new relationship with senator Nick Cappuano she has to deal with lies and intrusive press people. When Supreme Court nominee Julian Sinclar is brutally murdered Sam is the one who's leading the investigation. The murder and Nick and Sam's jobs complicate their relationship and it's not sure if and how they will go on.
Will Sam be able to stop the murderer and will she and Nick manage to strengthen their relationship?

 The second book in a series is in my opinion the most important one. After reading book #2 I normally decide if I want to continue with a series or not. So I was excited and also a bit nervous  to read the second  story in the Fatal series because I enjoyed the first book so much. But my anxiety was unnecessary for I enjoyed  "Fatal Justice" a lot and  I will definitely continue with this series because it's a great one.

I enjoyed that once again the story was thrilling and that the mystery was not so easy to solve. And I loved meeting Sam and Nick again. Both are likable and complex characters and I enjoyed learning more about them and their relationship. Especially Nick is a character I adore because I share his sentiments and like how he handles things. There were some scenes when I was suprised (even a bit shocked) by Sam but in the end Iwas excited to learn more about her because she's a fascinating woman.
In "Fatal Justice" Nick and Sam's relationship goes through hard times because their jobs and the press complicate things. At times I was frustrated with their quarrels but then I remembered that just weeks ago Sam and Nick were not a pair and that both had reasons to doubt if their relationship could work.
Marie Force has created characters that feel like real people and I love that not only her main characters are interesting and complex. All of the secondary characters make me excited for more and they also made me laugh a lot. The author's writing style is very engaging and makes following the story lines easy and very enjoyable. I'm already excited for #3 in the Fatal series because I want more of Nick and Sam. 

I like the colours and that the cover fits to the first book in the series.

final appraisal
"Fatal Justice" is a great second book in the Fatal series. The intelligent, thrilling plot and the great characters made this book a joy to read. I'm very happy that there's a new and fantastic romantic supense series to be excited for. 


  1. Sounds good :) And I do think I should read more suspense

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Sabrina! So glad you enjoyed Fatal Justice.




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