25 January 2011

Review: The Dating Detox - Gemma Burgess

The Dating Detox by Gemma Burgess
published December 2009
bought my own copy

After her sixth relationship in a row fails, Sass has finally enough from dating and getting dumped by guys. She wants no more heartache so she decides to start a dating detox. No dating and flirting is allowed for at least three months.
At first Sass wonders if the non-dating will really change her life however she soon realizes that without it she can finally concentrate on making smarter decisions. Soon she is happier than ever and even her job is finally everything she wished for.
But what will Sass do when the three months are up and a men, Jake, comes into her life who could be perfect for her? Will she be able to trust her feelings and give their relationship a chance?

"The Dating Detox" is a book that I enjoyed because on the one hand it's a hilarious chick-lit story that made me laugh a lot and on the other book it's about a woman who learns to trust into herself.
Sass is a very funny heroine and I loved the way she told her story. Especially when she was talking about her ex-boyfriends I had to laugh a lot. She was never mean in contrary had to learn to not always be a "pleaser" who thinks that she has to make others like her and who always thinks that she was at fault. I loved reading how she became stronger and how she learned to stand up for her own ideas and feelings. I also enjoyed reading about Sass's friends and that they went together though good and bad times.

The love story between Sass and Jake had time to develop. Their banters were very entertaining and one of my highlights of the book. I also enjoyed that the heroine had a good relationship with her parents because it's a nice change to the many heroines that had the most horrible childhood.
Throughout the story the heroine made some stupid decisions but I loved that she learned from them. There were also some situations that were a bit over the top (mainly with partying and alcohol) but it never was too much to not enjoy these scenes.
I already bought and started reading another book by Gemma Burgess because I want to read more of her engaging writing style, her likable characters and her hilarious story lines.

It's ok, the way the woman is drawn looks a bit weird to me. 

final appraisal
"The Dating Detox" is a book that made me laugh on nearly every page. The mix of hilarious scenes, great characters and the development of the heroine was just perfect and I'm happy that I found another awesome chick-lit book. 


  1. I ordered this off Amazon recently because I loved "A Girl Like You" so much. I'm even more excited to read it now after seeing your review!

  2. I've heard great things about this book, but the cover is REALLY putting me off! Thanks for the review though!

  3. Melissa, I'm reading "A girl like you" right now. Good to hear that it's also great.
    Bookalicious Ramblings, I agree on the cover. It's not very pretty and kind of weird for a chick-lit book.

  4. Look at those knees, she could kill someone with those, lol.

    I want to read chick-lit too, contemporary romance is awesome but I need laughs now too

  5. On my wishlist for a little while now, will have to bump it up the list.

    thanks for review

  6. This looks like a fun one... I imagine many of us can relate to the "pleaser" mode that is easy to get trapped into. Might have to go pick this one up!

  7. Wallace, I agree. I guess especially women are more often than is got for them "pleasers".

  8. I liked your comment on the cover, I kept thinking it was a vampire story. :)

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)




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