24 January 2011

The anxious reader - a profile

The anxious reader ...

  • ... wonders why so many reviewers insist on writing those weird reviews - the ones without spoilers.
  • ... loves to read the end of a book first and doesn't think that it's a bad thing.
  • ... doesn't like the word "spoiler" because spoilers are wonderful and relaxing. 
  • ... wants to know if there will be a happy end before buying a book.
  • ... is not a big fan of love triangles in books because it makes everything way too complicated and unpredictable.
  • ... hates cliffhangers (why the hell would I want to go through this torture?). 
  • ... loves older series and to be able to learn how a series ends before starting with the first book. 
  • ... loves reading a book and be able to enjoy every word without wondering what will happen next. 

I am an anxious reader!


  1. *giggles* I'm all with you, apart from the looking at the end of the book. I did that for some time, but I stopped doing this.
    But I NEED to know that there is a Happy Ending, I need that, I hate bad endings.

    I don't like Triangles either, they bore me and make me anxious...

    YEs, I am an anxious reader, too!

  2. Interesting, I agree with a few of the points you have made. My biggest thing is that I really want the whole book to be a complete surprise one page at a time. I wish it were possible to keep it that way without running into really nasty surprises. I read reviews more for tags to just such surprises, but not for insight on the story. Anyway, it would be nice to always have the whole series out before starting. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for sequels. Thank you for your views, have a nice reading day.

  3. I hate cliffhangers as well - too stressful!!

  4. Blodeuedd, just something I thought about last night when I couldn't sleep.

  5. Aha, oki :) I do not think that is me..hm I wonder what I am

  6. haha! I'm not an anxious reader...well, I am, but I resist ;)

    I insist upon doing spoiler-free reviws because I'd hate if someone ruined the end for me!

  7. I am an anxious reader too!

    I have to admit that I often turn to the back of the book just so that I know it is all going to work out. It is why I am having a hard time warming up to Urban Fantasy LOL

  8. I'm an anxious reader for the most part. I don't mind spoilers at all, though I try not to be too spoilery when I write my reviews, because I know so many people hate them.

  9. I also try to write my reviews without including big spoilers (or I warn before) because I know that most people don't really like them.

  10. I'm the complete opposite! :)
    Well, except for the triangles...I don't like them either.

  11. Thats me exaactly except for the bit about happy endings. I don't have to know if there will be a happy end before buying a book.
    This is mostly because I like to think that all books have happy endings, and any that don't are very rare. As far as book endings are concerned I wear very rose tinted glasses.

    I also find that the further along in a series I am, the more anxious I get.
    With the first book you don't know the characters when you start reading, so it's not until about halfway through the first book that I start worrying and need to check the end of the book.
    With every book after you get more attached to the characters, and worried for them. Thats when the anxiousness really starts.

  12. i dont quite do all that stuff. but i love reading older series so i dont have to wait and sometimes i read the back page so i can glean what will happen if its a love triangle...

    and i HATE cliffhangers! Tempted (House of night #7) is all i will say...i nearly died after i finished that.

  13. ...but I like love triangles. :) Makes the story more exciting for me.

    As for the rest, I agree with you! Great list!

  14. Very cute! I tend to wait for a series to be pretty much published before I start it - that way I don't have to wait for the next one. Perfect example, I LOVED "Nevermore" by Kelly Craegh last year but her sequel is not coming out until 2012!!! I just started Vampire Academy and the last book is already out, so I don't have to wait.

  15. This is great! So creative. The only time I like to have spoilers is if something is very sad or very scary. Tell me ahead of time so I can prepare myself and so I feel desensitized... otherwise I'm a basketcase!

  16. AMEN!!!

    Personally, I dont write spoilers in my reviews or at least I try not to but email me any time and I will gladly tell you what you want to know.

    I love spoilers and do find that they calm me. There has been times where I dont sleep at all through the night because I need to know the ending or I peek ahead.


    I love your list!!! I agree 100%. I want to know there is an HEA. I find that knowing what the ending is or a few spoilers doesn't spoil a thing for me. There is nothing like reading the plot myself.

    *sigh* Thanks for the post. It almost feel liberating to know that I am not alone.

    Do you read teasers or excerpts?

    Mostly, I don;t read them because I hate getting teased with an excerpt to a book coming out months later. i will read them closer to the release date though. I can plan it on the Anxious Reader Syndrome.

  17. It's so good to hear that I'm not the only one who is anxious about books.

    LovLivLife Reviews, I like teasers but just like you I can't read them when the book isn't going to be published for some months. Close to the release date I love teasers and excerpt but not a year before.

  18. OMG xDDDD
    it was soooooooooooo funny reading this profile... and just a bit creepy because I totally agreed with EVERY SINGLE point (and I really mean every point(!))...
    well... I guess... I am an anxious reader as well ^.^

  19. oh yeah... I got something to add xD...

    I especially HATE love triangles! I mean if there is another guy/woman to heat the plot for a short time and to add a little jealousy to the mix that's totally fine, but the moment the main character starts really considering the third person it ruins the whole picture for me. I don't know why I'm so sensitive about it, but that's just me I guess xD

  20. @ Sabrina... Another point agreed. *Whew* It feels great to have others on the same page.

  21. Too funny...and so true! Guess I'm an anxious reader, as sometimes I just have to peek at the ending to make sure there's a HEA and the hero survives! Not a big fan of spoilers though, so maybe I'm only a semi-anxious reader? *L*


  22. LOL this is awesome, a lot of these points describe me! Though I'm anxious in general so it makes sense I'm an anxious reader :)

  23. I must be an anxious reader too. I always check the ending of the book before I read it. If the ending is stupid or not happy, I won't read it. I'll go one further. If I'm reading a historical novel, my best endings are the ones that not only end in a marriage, but a pregnancy.




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