01 December 2010

Review: The Princess in his bed - Lila DiPasqua

The Princess in his bed by Lila DiPasqua
published November 2010
hot historical romances / erotic fairy tales
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The Marquis' New Clothes
To help her desperate cousin, Aimee de Miran must find a stolen ring in the clothes of rake Marquis de Nattes. Aimee abhors men like the Marquis because he reminds her of her late husband who betrayed her regularly.
The Marquis has been interested in Aimee for years and now finally sees his chance to bed her. He is not looking for more than a few nights but soon develops deep feelings for her. 
Will Aimee be able to find the ring and love?

The Lovely Duckling
After years of living like a recluse Emilie de Sarron comes out of hiding to find out what sexual passion is. Years ago other members of the ton made fun of her and hurt her deeply. Joseph d'Alumbert was one of the men who laughed about her however he feels remorse and wants to help Emilie to become happy. He impersonates his brother to get near to Emily and soon realizes that remorse is not the only thing he is feeling. Will he be able to make Emilie happy or will his deception destroy their chance for a happy end?

The Princess and the Diamonds
Princess Gabrielle needs to win a large sum of money to get her half-brother out of debt. On her first evening of participating in an illigal cards game she is lucky in more than one way. She wins some money and also meets a fascinating Marquis who soon becomes her lover. But she thinks that she can't share her secrets with him and that their relationship will only last a few days. But the Marquis has other plans and his own secrets. Secrets that could put her in danger. Will the lovers be able to move on from their secrets and live their happy ever after?

"The Princess in his Bed" is an awesome book. The three stories are romantic and very sensual. Lila DiPasqua's writing style is very appealing and while reading this book I was able to relax and forget everything around me. 
I enjoyed all of the three stories equallly and was impressed that none of the stories felt too short and unfinished. All of the main characters are likable and made reading the book a lot of fun. The combination of the very sensual scenes and the fairy tales worked perfectly for me. The stories are hot, fun to read and lovely and that's exactly what I like in books. 

I like it. Love the colour scheme and the pair on the cover also looks good. 

final appraisal
I loved reading "The Princess in his Bed" and think that this book is a treat for all fans of lovely and very hot historical romances. I enjoyed how the fairy tales were used to create sensual and exciting stories. I will definitely read more by Lila DiPasqua in the future because she's a great author. 


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