28 December 2010

Review: One night for love - Mary Balogh

One night for love by Mary Balogh
published 1999
historical romance, #1 in the Bedwyn series
bought my copy

Just when Neville Wyatt, Earl of Kilbourne, is about to marry his long-time friend a bedraggled looking woman enters the church and says she she is already his wife. Neville couldn't be more shocked especially when he realizes that the woman is Lily, his wife of one day and night who he thought died in the war. After the first shock he is happy to have her back and wants to continue with their marriage.
Lily only came back to Neville because after a horrible time in captivity she needs some help to get back on her feet. She may still love Neville but feels that his life is not for her. She thinks that she is too normal to be the wife of an earl. So when Lily has the chance to leave Neville she takes it although he wants her to stay. However he is not ready to stop fighting for her and their love.
Will Lily and Neville use the second chance to share a life full of love and happiness?

I bought "One night for love" because of the beautiful UK cover (so yes, covers sell books).
I'm overly critical about historical romances (no idea why) and often the books in this genre are hit or miss for me. "One night for love" was definitely a hit. This is the first book I read by Mary Balogh and I enjoyed everything about it.
The love story is wonderful and I enjoyed that Neville and Lily had time to start their relationship anew and that nothing was rushed. I loved that Neville really cared about Lily's happiness and how he handled the cruel things that had happened to her. Lily was a great character. She was so strong and dignified although she went through hell. The way she felt about what happened to her and the way she talked about it touched me deeply. She told her story with what I would describe as a "quiet voice" and because of this her story was very powerful and impressive.
I also enjoyed all of the other characters. They felt real and the way Lily was received by them was complex and realistic.
There's a mystery going on in "One night for love" and it has to do with Lily's past. It's not too dark but gives Lily and Neville the chance to get close again. The happy end may be over the top for some readers but I loved it because Lily deserved to get a happy end and a new family.
I already bought and read the next book in the Bedwyn - series and I will definitely go on with reading this very entertaining series. 

Love the cover of the UK version because it's so stylish and beautiful.

final appraisal
A wonderful historical romance that makes me excited to read more by Mary Balogh.
The story is lovely, sometimes sad, funny and always a joy to read. Mary Balogh's writing style is very engaging and I loved reading about her characters. Everything about this book felt right to me and I'm happy to have discovered another author of beautiful historical romances. 

Bedwyn Family
1. One Night for Love (1999)
2. A Summer to Remember (2002)
3. Slightly Married (2003)
4. Slightly Wicked (2003)
5. Slightly Scandalous (2003)
6. Slightly Tempted (2003)
7. Slightly Sinful (2004)
8. Slightly Dangerous (2004)


  1. Great review! I have never read Mary Balogh but I'm often told that I should... I just might! Oh, and you're right! It's a great cover :)

  2. Mary Balogh is one of my favorite authors! I envy you, getting to read her long backlist, while I've read all her books. I love finding a terrific author with a backlist. Enjoy!

  3. I have so many of Mary's books on my TBR pile..I think I'll be adding this one too it.

  4. I like the sound of it :) And yes I do like the cover too. Would like to read more by her




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