08 December 2010

Review: In Christofides' Keeping - Abby Green

In Christofides' Keeping by Abby Green
ebook published November 2010 (by Mills & Boon)
contemporary romance
copy bought with my own money

Years ago Gypsy Butler and Rico Christofides spent one amazing night together. But on the next morning Rico was afraid of his feelings and dimissed Gypsy like their night was nothing special. In the present they meet again and Rico is shocked when he realizes that Gypsy is the mother of his child. He never was able to forget her but now he also wants revenge for the lost years. Will they use the second chance life has given them to finally be happy together?

Again at last a book by Mills & Boon Modern that made me happy and not frustrated. In the last months most of the books I bought from Mills & Boon / Harlequin didn't work for me and I was sad about it. However "In Christofides' Keeping" renewed my love for the short strories that are so typical for the Modern (Presents) line.
I enjoyed Abby Green's writing style and that I never got bored with what was going on in the book. I was always interested to read on and learn more about Gypsy and Rico.

I liked both main characters in this book. Rico was of course very arrogant (what else would you expect) but not in a unlikeable way. He knew that he made mistakes in the past and that he needed to use this second chance he got. When he got over his want for revenge he was a pretty great guy.
Gypsy's reason for not telling Rico about their child are understandable and the more I learned about Rico and her the more I enjoyed this book. As soon as they really started talking about their lifes everything got easier. Both fought hard to overcome the sad things that happened to them as children and I loved that at the end both were able to be happy. 

Just not what I imagined or what I like. 

final appraisal
A short contemporary romance that was great to read and that made me excited for more. I enjoyed that the hero is not too arrogant to recognize his own faults. I want more Mills & Boon Modern (Harlequin Presents) stories like this one!


  1. It looks like a pretty enjoyable book!
    Thanks so much for the review! :)

    Kelly @ I Work For Books

  2. I've read everything from her debut to this book that Abby has written. She is just an incredible author. I especially loved this book.

  3. Thanks for the lovely New Year's review Sabrina! Delighted you enjoyed the book..Happy New Year! x Abby




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