07 December 2010

Review: Goodnight Tweetheart - Teresa Medeiros

Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros
published December 2010
contemporary women's fiction
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Abigail Donovan should be finally finishing her second book but is afraid that she will not be able to write another bestseller. So she is stuck at chapter 5 and has been for years. When her publicist sets up a twitter account for Abby things begin to change. Her first tweet is answered by someone named MarkBaynard and soon they start to "meet" regularly on twitter. Both have similar tastes in movies and tv series and their discussions never get boring. In contrary Mark manages to get Abby back to believing in herself and her writing ability. They even have virtual dates and get to know each other pretty well. But just when Abby is ready to take the next step and meet Mark in real life he confesses that he lied about important parts of his life.
Will they ever get a chance to meet in real life?

"Goodnight Tweetheart" was a fascinating and emotional book. It made me smile and then cry (more often than I usually like while reading). 
The first part of the book is full of witty remarks and all in all very entertaining. I had to laugh a lot and enjoyed getting to know Abby and Mark. I loved the pop culture references and the way Abby and Mark greeted and said good bye to each other in their tweets.

The use of twitter and tweets worked perfectly for me and Teresa Medeiros' way to write them was wonderful. I often struggle with the 140 characters you have in twitter and wish that I could be so eloquent, witty and precise like Abby & Mark when tweeting. I don't think that you have to use twitter to understand what's going on or to enjoy the book. However it's a plus if you know a bit about tweeting. Large parts of the book are tweets however there are also text passages and these are used to show what happens in Abby's life.
In the middle of the story the atmosphere suddenly changes. Mark confesses something that alters everything. I assumed that something about Mark's story wasn't true but never would have guessed what exactly. I actually understood his reason to lie and in the end it helped Abby to start anew and enjoy life again. Abby's way to deal with Mark's lies felt right to me and I liked that in the end she went after what she wanted. 
I don't want to reveal too much about the story but some parts are so sad however there's always hope.  The book has an open end and you can be sure that my imagination started to write a wonderful Happy Ever After for Mark and Abby right after I read the last sentence. 

Love the cover because it's pretty and fits perfectly to the story. 

final appraisal
"Goodnight Tweetheart" is a book I loved reading although it made me cry. But it also made me smile a lot and I was always excited to read the next sentence and to learn more about Mark and Abby. 
I was fascinated by the light-hearted first part of the story and also by the serious second part. In my imagination Mark and Abby will get a beautiful Happy Ever After because they deserve it. 


  1. It's already out? I wrote Jan down for it. Have to get this one. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Amazon sent me my copy yesterday and I immediately read the book :) Make sure you have some tissues around when you start with the book.

  3. This sounds adorable.
    And how cute is this cover?

  4. I share your believe in the Happy Ever After. Thanks for your review,this book goes straight to my wishlist and will be a welcome change to the huge amount of fantasy books I read recently!

  5. This is one of two books I've been looking forward to all year (the other is Toni Blake's WHISPER FALLS). Santa's going to put them on my new Kindle, but I want hard copies as well.

  6. Oh noez! I didn't think there would be sadness with this one. Still want to read it. Thanks for the review!

  7. I didn't know this one had been released! I read a preview months ago and was intrigued by the story. Your review makes me want to read it ASAP!

  8. Teresa Medeiros is one of my favorite authors!! I just finished reading "The Devil Wears Plaid" FIVE times!! Read all of her other books more then once as well--I never get tired of them.
    I have been waiting for "Goodnight Tweetheart"--will be going out to get it very shortly!!




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