22 December 2010

Did your reading habits and taste in books change?

My taste in books has changed in the last 12 months. Since January 2010 I started reading young adult books, mainly what I would call YA romance. I also renewed my love for historical romances and began to enjoy Urban Fantasy books (the ones that are not too dark). And lately I started to enjoy edgy chick-lit/contemporary romance books that are full of complicated, flawed characters.
Since spring I furthermore discovered steampunk romance and romances with Science Fiction elements. It's so exciting for me to learn to appreciate new directions in my beloved romance genre. 

In the last months I also became more picky and demanding when it comes to books by authors that I've read for years. I stopped reading three well-known authors because their books weren't for me anymore. Everyone else seems to still love these authors and their books but I just don't get them anymore. 
And I stopped keeping every book I read. I still keep the vast majority of books I buy but began to sort out books that I didn't really enjoy. I plan to start using Bookmooch to make sure that the books will find new homes.

Right now I'm also tired of books by Mills & Boon (Harlequin). I have loved reading the Modern (Desire and Presents by Harlequin) line for years but right now they don't satisfy me anymore. Even boooks by authors I normally love don't make me happy. So some months ago I stopped buying these books at all and now I'm slowly starting with them again.
On the other hand I fell in love with two grand dames of Mills & Boon, namely Roberta Leigh and Betty Neels. I adore their books and can't get enough of them.

And I developed a new pet peeve. When I think about starting with a new series I always read reviews about the books that are already published (you know that I love spoilers and knowing what will happen in a book/series). When it turns out that there is going to be a love triangle then I won't even start with the first book. Right now I'm just tired of love triangles that continue through more books than one. Maybe that will chance in 2011 but who knows.

I want to know if your reading habits and taste in books changed in 2010? Have you discovered new genres/subgenres? Did you stop reading certain kinds of books? Did you develop new pet peeves?


  1. First of, I LOVE this "questions of the week". Second, Yes I did change my habits. I always like to read Fantasy stories but now, I'm reading more and more YA paranormal books and I love them.

    Plus, I also discovered that I totally love chick lit books, which I would have never guessed some month ago. Also adult paranormal romance was never in my focus but after reading so many reviews I decided to give it a try and loved it!!

    Before, I was a big fan of Epic Historical Books, such as Ken Follet's Pillar of the Earth (HOW I love this book) and I'm a big big fan from Rebecca Gable. Unfortunately, they are not translated in English, but did you read them? "Lächeln der Fortuna" is incredible!

    So yes, I'm totally with you!!

    Happy last day of Uni for you and work for me!!Woohoo!!

  2. Hi Sabrina!

    Interesting question!
    Yes, my reading habits have changed, too. I started reading historical romances this year, which I never would have touched before, because of the embarassing german covers. LOL But I really like them now!
    Second, I discovered that I really like reading books in English. Since I prefer englishspeaking authors and I often came across really poor translations, I read them in the original version now.
    Erotic novel was always one of my favorite genres, but I seem to be fed up with those books. Nowadays I prefer romances, and of course I like to read erotic romances - it took me a lot of years to finally admit (to myself) that I´m a sucker for HEA. LOL
    I have read a lot of "serious" books in the last years - but now I even enjoy some chick lit books. Never would have read them before!

    You see, my reading habits have changed a lot!

    Sabrina, let me know when you have joined bookmooch. You know I love it and I very much hope you will like it, too!

  3. Hi Sabrina, interesting questions.
    My reading habits and taste change slightly in 2010. Just like you I became more apathetic toward love triangle, perhaps I've read too many of those in the past but something I just want to scream to the girl 'Can't you make up your mind!' I would only read stories with love triangle if the reviews are very good.
    I stop reading chicklit as well, after few books it all seems merely repetitious and not worth my time. On the other hand I read more classic than I was in 2009.
    After twilight I became skeptical toward YA books with vampire and werewolves so it takes plenty recommendation for me to start reading books with vampire & werewolves in it.
    Beside that, nothing's really changed. I still love historical fiction, fantasy, philosophy and mystery as usual.

    Happy holiday!

  4. Great question!
    Since I was a teenager, I periodically change the genre of books I read. I've cycled through crime drama, thriller, horror, and historical bodice rippery romance. What's been different for me this year is that, although I am still lost in the fantasy genre right now, I've really moved away from Epic Fantasy that originally pulled me into this genre. I'm reading a lot more YA when I had never before had any interest in them. I've also given paranormal romance a chance and found a few that I genuinely like. I like my fantasy to be a bit dark and I don't need a HEA to be satisfied with a book, and I always thought that paranormal romance leaned a little too much toward "overdone soap opera dialog" which is what has kept me from that fantasy sub-genre. However, I've discovered that there exceptions and after a few hits and misses, I've discovered quite a few PR authors that are among my faves.

  5. I read more paranormal romances than I usually do because of the challenge I signed up for but other than that, not much new.

    I do dislike love triangles that carry on indefinitely and like you, I avoid those kind of series if I know in advance.

  6. I am a moody reader but this year I did read some YA which is out of the norm for me. I also read less non-fiction than I normally do. For some reason this month, I am all about contemporaries which I normally loathe. So the answer seems to be that yes for some reason my reading tastes are changing maybe it is because I have read to many PNR/UF over the last few years and they are all blending together.

  7. In my case, there's nothing change. I still love children books, manga, reading YA fantasy, and fall deep into Historical fiction.

    But in manga, Now I limited only some favorite Mangaka(the author). I will only read new series if many people recommend it to me.

    Recently, I start to read the synopsis of book. I used to skip it when I buy a book. Because I thought it's another spoiler. yeah, I bought a book based on my friends' words

  8. I've stopped keeping all of my books too. I simply ran out of room, and many I know I'll never have time to re-read.

    Did my reading habits change in 2010? Yes, definitely! This year I started reading a lot more contemporary romance (especially erotic). Prior to 2010, I mainly read paranormal and historical romance. Next year, I'd like to pick up a new genre, like cozy mysteries.

  9. Good question. Mine definitely evolved. I learned things I didn't like :)

  10. My reading habits changed--I read a whole lot more this past year!

    I do have one pet peeve. I hate stories that have that "secret" that is just going to ruin everyone's day, week, life, etc....and it's mentioned on EVERY page, and then it turns out to be nothing in the end. Sure, keep some secrets or suspense, but does that have to be mentioned every page? It's my experience if you keep talking about a secret, you probably don't want to keep it a secret.

  11. Good question, Sabrina! My reading habits and tastes definitely did change in 2010. Happily I got my first novel published, a romantic suspense titled With Good Behavior, and because of that I joined Goodreads and started reading other authors I've met online. I think my reading selection has greatly increased as a result, including more young adult and paranormal romances. I love perusing goodreads and book blogs to identify intriguing books I never would've tried before, but my TBR list is now bursting at the seams! Happy holidays, Jen

  12. Great question, Sabrina. I don't think I've changed my reading habits too much. I still read what I consider a good mix of historical, romantic suspense, erotic romance (which usually falls into the contemporary category), contemporaries, categories, and a bit of m/m thrown in just for fun. I read about 5 or 6 shifter books this year, which is about average for me, too.

    I think I've been a little more willing to set a book aside if it isn't working for me, though. I found I'm far too busy and tired to finish a book tat isn't working for me.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

  13. Good questions...oh I don't know. This is gonna be a short one. No new subgenres, no new genres. I kept going with those I found in 09 :)

  14. Mine have changed this year as well. I just started book blogging in April and prior to that I would never have read anything paranormal or YA, but now I find that I enjoy those genres. My faves are still chick lit, thriller/suspense, and women's fiction/drama though....

  15. Thanks for all the great answers, ladies.

    When I wrote this post I thought at first that there's not much that can change in one year but just the opposite is true. So many small and big things changed about my reading habits and tast in books in 2010.

    I'm already excited to see what will happen in 2011.

  16. Great question! It makes you reflect on your year of reading.

    The biggest change that I've had in reading just started in November. I got a Nook for myself. I was really unsure about switching to e-reading and if it would be worth the investment. Now I read all of my books in e-reader format.

    As far as genre reading goes, I've always read a good mixture of books. This year I picked up a few young adult books and would like to explore the genre more in 2011!

  17. I think I'm less interested in historical romances. It's easy to burn out on them because so many are similar and sometimes they're unintentionally silly. I read quite a few contemporaries and was surprised at how much I like sports romances like the Fast Track series, Rachel Gibson's books about hockey players, etc. This is because I don't usually enjoy sports as a spectator (or player, for that matter!)




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