29 December 2010

Are there any genres you want to try out in 2011?

When it comes to books I played it safe for years and sticked to my favourite genres. However in 2010 I started to experiment a bit. I began with reading romantic Young Adult books, I added Steampunk romance to my favourites and lately I started with reading romantic Science Fiction books. Ok, romance is still the one thing I need in books but I have become a bit more flexible. 
In 2011 I want to continue with this trend. I want to discover more and more romance subgenres or books from other genres with strong romantic elements. And I want to try out more and more new to me authors. In 2010 I discovered so many great new authors and I want more of the excitement I feel when I read the first book by an author I haven't read before. Right now for example I'm reading my first book by Rhys Bowen (why the hell did I wait so long?) and "Her royal spyness" makes me excited for more. My wishlist if full of books by new to me authors and next year I want to give these authors a try.  There are too many authors to list them all but hopefully I will be able to write reviews about their books. 

So in 2011 my goal is to experiment more and discover more new to me authors and genres. 

Question of the week: Are there are any (sub) genres you want to try out in 2011? Are there any specific authors you want to give a try in 2011?


  1. I read some Steampunk with out even knowing it was a genre and I liked it..LOL

  2. There are quite a few but it's not just for 2011 :-) There are authors I've heard or been reading about for some time, but just never read any of their books. I've bought a few recently and will be reading them soon.

  3. ...no not really, kind of tried most :)

  4. I'm not sure. I usually read anything as long as the plot attracts me. I have started reading some different genres this past year. I hope I can find some new favorite authors though.

  5. I think mostly paranormal and urban fantasy. I haven't dipped into those as much as I would have liked to.

  6. 2010 was a year of trying new genres for me as well! I read paranormal for the first time, along with steampunk and time travel too.....

  7. I'd like to read more mysteries, especially ones that have romantic subplots. For instance I read the Lady Julia Grey series this year and loved it! I'd like to check out Rhys Bowen as well. Also I'd like to read more paranormal, contemporary, and scifi romances.

  8. I'd love to try reading romance. I have tried it last year. But I don't know why I just could finished it
    I have one Medical Romance by Sarah Morgan. That's what I choose to read first.
    Some of my friends say that I have to read the some historical romance also. But they haven't given me the specific title.




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