30 November 2010

Review: Pleasures of a notorious gentleman - Lorraine Heath

Pleasures of a notorious gentleman by Lorraine Heath
published November 30, 2010
historical romance
got a digital version for review

Before the war Stephen Lyons was one of London's most famous rakes, but the war has changed him. He was seriously wounded and can't remember anything of the last two years. So when Mercy Thompson arrives at his home and claims that her baby is Stephen's son he is pretty shocked. But soon he realizes that the baby is his son and that Mercy Dawson might be the one woman who's perfect for him.
Mercy thought Stephen was dead and is happy that he survived. She has loved Stephen since she met him as a nurse in the war, however she is not telling him the truth about the past.
What will happen when Stephen realizes that Mercy lied about the baby and what happened to her?

This is the second book by Lorraine Heath that I read and it's the second book by her that I loved. It's even better than the first book in the London's Greatest Lover series. 
I admired the two main characters because they are both so strong although the past wasn't very kind to them. I loved everything about the relationship between Stephen and Mercy, the way they both found love and trust was just beautiful. I also enjoyed that at first I didn't know what exactly had happened in the past, this way I was excited to learn more and couldn't lay the book out of my hands. Parts of this wonderful story made me cry, others laugh and swoon. 
Furthermore I enjoyed meeting the rest of Stephen's family again, learning more about them was very entertaining. I especially liked how Stephen's mother handled the situation with Mercy. 
I could go on and on with praising this book but it's time to stop :)

I like the cover, I would have wished for something a bit less sexy (maybe a man and a woman with a small baby) but it's ok.

final appraisal
This book is IMO perfect. I enjoyed everything about the characters and the story is heart-breakingly beautiful. To read how two deeply wounded people find love and happiness touched my heart and made me happy.


  1. Oh, how I loved the first one. Can't wait to read this one!

  2. Lori, I so agree. These two books brought my love for historical romances back.

  3. Thanks for the review - wow, your FAVORITE historical romance? It sounds fabulous, and i LOVE the cover!

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  5. lol...I should edit before I press submit! I was mistaken...I meant to write that I've hear and seen the ads for this book but had no plans to pick it up! Anyway, very glad that you reviewed this novel! After reading your thoughts and the summary, I'm very excited to pick up a copy! It will certainly be a 'must read' for me!

    Lisajo85 @ Once Upon A Chapter




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