16 November 2010

Review: My soul to lose - Rachel Vincent

My soul to lose by Rachel Vincent
published July 1, 2009
free prequel novella to the Soul Screamers series
87 pages

Kaylee Cavanaugh seems like a normal teenager, but she is not. She lives with a secret that threatens to destroy her life. She feels when a person is going to die soon and on one occasion can't hold back ear-splitting screams and totally freaks out. Her aunt and uncle don't know what's happening so she is delivered to a mental hospital. Will Kaylee be able to go back to a more normal life?

Lately I heard a lot of great things about the books by Rachel Vincent and when I found this free novella I was happy to get to know her writing style and to decide if I enjoy it. 
I was captured by "My soul to lose" from the first sentences on. Kaylee's ability is fascinating and creepy, the situation is so hard to handle for her and I'm super excited to read more about it. Her stay in the mental hospital is not whitewashed and to see her so helpless was very gripping. I enjoyed learning a bit about Kaylee and her life. This prequel was interesting, thrilling and the perfect entrance for the Soul Screamers series.

Interesting, a bit mysterious and just right. 

final appraisal
The perfect mix of teen drama and paranormal mystery. After reading this prequel I'm super excited for "My soul to take". 


  1. I have this book on my list since forever. I have a free Kindle version and I also have a free audiobook version. I started reading the book a few times - and never got into it. I started the audiobook and also stopped after a few minutes.

    I have no clue why I don't seem to get into the stor, specially since so many people seem to love it!
    And now, your review... I really have to try again:))

  2. I downloaded this the other day---I am thinking about trying out the series!

  3. I downloaded this book for free on my kindle almost a year ago and it kind of fell to the wayside. Guess I should get to reading it though!

  4. Yay! So glad to see you finally started the Sould Screamers series Sabrina! :-) I agree, the prequel was fascinating, I was amazed that Rachel Vincent gave such a deep and sombre introduction to a YA series and was floored by the emotional depth of this short story.

    My Soul to Take is very different (not that much angst), but wonderful, it is just as well written and if you hadn't fallen for the series with the prequel you sure will with the 1st book, it is amazing! :-) Hope you'll enjoy it!

  5. Stella, that's good to know. I started with the first book today.

    Danny, isn't it weird that sometimes a book just won't work for you? In the last 2 weeks there were 4(!!!) books that I couldn't get into although many readers enjoyed it.

  6. Sounds interesting! I haven't read this series yet but now I think it's going to move up my list.

  7. I haven't read any of her YA books. I'm going to have to give this one a try. I really liked the one adult book by her that I read-Stray.




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