11 November 2010

Review: Miss Bramble and the Leviathan - Kristen Painter

Miss Bramble and the Leviathan by Kristen Painter
published October 2010
Steampunk romance novella
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Pandora Bramble's life is not as it should be. She is caring for her alcoholic father and working with him to earn enough money to survive and pay his debts. She believes that because the military stole one of his inventions her father's life was destroyed. So she tries to prove it but is discovered by Captain Thelonius Hatch. Hatch doesn't realize what Pandora tried to do but he knows that he is fascinated by her. Out of luck they meet again and the attraction between them is still there and growing. Hatch is honestly interested in Pandora and she also starts to develop feelings for him. But she also still wants to prove what happened to her father. Will Pandora have to choose between her love for Hatch and loyalty to her father?

Not all authors can write good novellas. More often than not the story is rushed and leaves me feeling unsatisfied. "Miss Bramble and the Leviathan" in contrast is a wonderfull novella. It doesn't feel as short as it is and the plot, the great characters and the steampunk world make this book very entertaining.
Pandora is a very strong woman who feels that she has to help her father even though he is making her life so much harder than it could be. I liked that she tried to take life in her own hands and worked hard to improve her situation. Hatch appreciated her strength and that's one of the things I liked in him. I loved the way he cared for her future and how he acted at the end of the book. I also enjoyed reading about Pandora's best friend and the steampunk world the author created. 

The cover is nice but I don't think that the outfit fits to the time and the heroine. 

final appraisal
A very entertaining novella and I especially enjoyed the characters and the setting. Even though the story is not even 100 pages long I didn't miss anything and was quiet happy & satiesfied with the end. Hopefully there will be more steampunk romances by Kristen Painter in the future. 


  1. I just bought this one and am looking forward to reading it- reading your review makes me want to move it up in the TBR order. Thanks!

  2. I still haven't got around to reading any steampunk - this could be a good place to start! It sounds like a good read! Great review :)

  3. I've been really interested in steampunk recently because I'd love to develop an ability to write in the steampumk style.
    Novella's are great and I like an author who can write a great one! It would seem from your review, Kristen Painter, has done a nice job. I can't wait to add this to my TBR list!
    I'm also happy to tell a few of my friends about your blog because they've been exculsively looking for happy books to read. You're doing a fantastic job!

  4. ooooh great review!! I have been enjoying Steampunk and this sounds great!

  5. I've followed you here from Radiant Reviews! Thanks for the review!




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