28 October 2010

Review: Warrior - Zoe Archer

Warrior by Zoe Archer
published September 7, 2010
Historical Paranormal Adventure Romance
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After leaving the military Captain Gabriel Huntley plans to lead a quiet and ordinary life in England. But right after arriving back home he stumbles into a mystery. When trying to rescue a stranger from a vicious attack he learns that there is more to the world than the eye can see. He can't prevent the stranger's death but promises to deliver a mysterious message to a man living in Mongolia. After arriving there Huntley meets Thalia Burgess and her father. He knows that Thalia might need his help and together they end up on a dangerous journey that will change their lifes completly. Will Thalia be able to trust Gabriel with her secrets and will they find more than magic on their journey?

I enjoyed reading "Warrior" a lot. The book is set in 1874 and plays mostly in Mongolia. The setting is very fascinating and I loved learning little things about Mongolia and the people there. Both Gabriel and Thalia are awesome characters and I enjoyed every scene with them. Both of them are very strong and it's great that they are equal partners in their relationship. Thalia is an extraordinary heroine and Gabriel is just as great. 

There are many funny scenes in this book but also a lot full of action and love. The balance between these scenes felt just right and that's why reading "Warrior" was never boring and always entertaining. 
The paranormal part of the story is another highlight. I enjoyed reading about the magic and especially about the fight between the Blades and their power-hungry opponent the Heirs. I'm excited to learn more about both groups and want to know more about the Blades fight for a free world. 

I like the cover but would have wished for a male and female character on it. 

final appraisal
A great and very entertaining book. The strength of "Warrior" are the strong characters, the thrilling action, the beautiful lovestory and the setting in Mongolia. I already ordered the next two books in the series because I want to read more of the Blades and the mysteries surrounding them. 

The Blades of the Rose series
1. Warrior (September 2010)
2. Scoundrel (October 2010)
3. Rebel (November 2010)
4. Stranger (December 2010)

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  1. Nice Review! I really enjoy this series. The second book is even better than the first and I'm just waiting for a trip to the bookstore to pick up Rebel!




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