11 October 2010

Review: The Kiss Test - Shannon McKelden

The Kiss Test by Shannon McKelden
published October 11, 2010
contemporary romance
got a ebook for review

Margo's seemingly perfect life changes completly when she loses her job and is dumped by her boyfriend. Margo is in need of a change so she decides to go on a road trip from New York to LA. She is hurt shortly before the trip though fortunately her best male friend Chris offers to drive with her.
Margo hopes to have a good time but she doesn't expect that this road trip will change her life even more deeply than the loss of her job and boyfriend. Since they were kids Chris and Margo have been friends and over the years she watched him with countless women and wondered about his famous "kiss test". Being close to Chris for days makes Margo think hard about what he means to her and if there is more between them than being best friends. Will Margo be the first and only woman to pass the kiss test?

I pretty much enjoyed everything about "The Kiss Test". I liked the main characters and loved to read how the relationship between Margo and Chris changed. I also enjoyed that the changes in their relationship weren't rushed. There were a lot of funny moments and I had to laugh out loud several times (always a good sign).

I like reading about road trips and enjoyed how on this one Margo had the chance to realize that her feelings for Chris are more complex than she thought. I was a bit suprised by Chris and his real feelings. I think he is a great hero (ok, in one scene he acted like a jerk) and I enjoyed that in the end he fought for his love.
I also liked reading about the relationship between Margo and her mom. I loved the scenes in which they talked about their issues. The use of Elvis and his songs (Margo is a huge fan) in the book was very clever and made the book even more entertainig (even though I'm not a fan of Elvis).

I think the cover is beautiful and it fits the book perfectly. 

final appraisal
I enjoyed everything about this book. It's fun, romantic, witty and lovely. I loved reading about the road trip and the changes in the relationship between Margo and Chris. When I finshed "The Kiss Test" I was completly satisfied with the story and I also had a smile on my face.


  1. Ooo bright lights, romance, and Elvis? Nice!

  2. this sounds really sweet but a little predictable as well...

    i may give it a try...someday




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