30 October 2010

Review: Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts
published November  2010 
#4 in the Bride Quartet, contemporary romance

Parker Brown loves her life. Working together with her three best friends in their own wedding business is everything she wished for. She doesn't mind the long hours and hard work because she believes in love and giving couples a great start into their marriage makes her happy.
After Mac, Emma and Laurel all found love Parker is wondering what the future holds for her. Sure Malcolm Kavanaugh is sexy, charming, a good son and friend and also hardworking. But he also irritates her whenever they meet. At first Parker isn't sure how to handle the attraction she feels for Mal but comes to realize that giving him and their relationship a chance might be one of the best decisions in her life.
Will Mal and Parker find a way to their personal happy end although on first glance they couldn't be more different?

It's no secret that I adore the books in the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts and "Happy Ever After" is no exception. The book fits perfectly in this series because it's just as lovely, entertaining and full of great characters as the other three books.
I loved reading about Parker & Mal and how they got to know each other better. On first glance they are quiet different but they value the same things and it's soon pretty clear that they are perfect for each other. I liked Parker from book one on and I was so happy to read how she found love with a great man who respects her dreams and ambitions.

Mal is a fantastic hero. Learning more about his hard past made me want to hug him. I loved how he thinks about cheaters and bullies and that he is as open-minded as the others. Parker and Mal's relationship is even less dramatic than the ones in the other three books and I love that Nora Roberts doesn't need a big showdown to write wonderful and emotional books.
The book is not only beautiful and relaxed but also pretty funny and I had to smile a lot while reading it. One of my highlights is how Parker and Mal dealt with Linda at Mac and Carter's wedding. I thought that there would be something dramatic but the way Nora Roberts wrote it was so much better and made me like Mal even more.
I also loved the scenes in which the guys (Carter, Jack and Del) talked about their fiancees to Mal. To read how much they love and respect their women was heart-warming and wonderful.
Another  thing I enjoy in this series is that it's about love and friendship and that Nora Roberts doesn't make differences between heterosexual and gay couples. "Happy Ever After" and the Bride Quartet are a celebration of love and there's no place for prejudices. If you are looking for beautiful romances with great characters that concentrate on friendship and little details then you will love this book and the series. 

A beautiful (both the US and UK) cover and just perfect for the book.

final appraisal
A book to sit back, relax and just enjoy reading about friendship and love. I enjoyed every little detail about this book and the whole series. If you are looking for drama then it's not for you but if you are looking for a beautifully written and calm love story full of deep feelings then you will enjoy "Happy Ever After". It's one of the books that I will reread again and again because it's just so wonderful and makes me happy. 

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  1. I want to read this so bad! I've had it pre-ordered for months. So happy to hear that it's as good as I'm expecting it to be.

  2. This one sounds like a great, wholly satisfying read! I haven't read much of Nora Roberts outside her In Death series, so I might give these a try:) Thanks for the review!

  3. I loved the first three books in the series. Read the first one in German, listened to the second one on audio book and read the thrid one in English. LOL Never happened before. I cannot wait to read this one. I wasn't too much into Parker, but that totally changed, the more I got involved into the stories. I hope it'll hit my mailbox by Tuesday.

  4. Sounds like another lovely read from Nora Roberts.

  5. I love the covers to this series. So freaking pretty. Makes me want to get married just so I can wear the dress and eat some cakes. LOL.

  6. Oh I can’t wait! I need to take a trip to the library to see if they have it. I usually put in holds online, but I lost my library card.




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