26 October 2010

Review: Passions of a wicked Earl - Lorraine Heath

Passions of a wicked Earl by Lorraine Heath
published October 26, 2010; historical romance
#1 in the London's Greatest Lovers series
got a digital copy for review

Three years ago the marriage between Claire Lyons and Morgan Lyons, the 8th Earl of Westcliffe, was destroyed before it really began. Westcliffe found Claire and his brother in bed together and since then she has lived seperated from her husband. Westcliffe spent the last three years living like a single man and did everything to forget Claire and the fateful night that hurt him so much.
But now it's finally time for Claire to come back into Westcliffe's life and to try to win him back. She needs his help to plan her sister's first season but also wants to show him that she has grown up and is no longer the insecure teenager she was.
Claire is willing to work hard to get back his trust and hopes that Westcliffe will finally stop bedding other woman and will concentrate totally on her. Westcliffe doesn't want to be hurt again but he can't hold back for long because Claire is the one woman who can reach his heart.
Will he be able to trust into her again before it's too late and will he be able to finally believe Claire about what really happened in their wedding night?

Historical romances are often hit or miss for me and "Passions of a wicked Earl" was definitely a big hit. It's actually the first book by Lorraine Heath that I read but it will not be the last. 
I enjoyed pretty much everything about this book. I especially liked reading about Westcliffe and Claire and loved to see how their relationship changed and how they began to trust each other. No development was rushed and that's another plus. I also enjoyed reading about Westcliffe's brothers and can't wait to learn more of them. 

Westcliffe was on the first glance harsh, stubborn and very arrogant but soon after starting the book I began to like him. He's a complicated character and actually quiet insecure when it comes to relationships. There are some heartbreaking scenes between him and his dog and I loved that in these moments you could see who he really is. Sometimes his actions frustrated me however I understood his reasons. I especially enjoyed the scenes when he finally began to understand that he was not the perfect betrothed/husband and in contrast seemingly arrogant and unfeeling.  
Claire is Westcliffe's perfect match and I also enjoyed reading about her. She has grown into a strong woman and understands that she made mistakes in the past. I loved that she could see the man behind the facade and that she was willing to give Westcliffe time to change. 
There's also some mystery going on that in the end helped Claire and Westcliffe to finally overcome their issues. 

The cover is ok, not bad but also not wow. 

final appraisal
"Passions of a wicked Earl" is a very entertaining and lovely book. I enjoyed that the relationship between the heroine and hero changed slowly and I rooted for them right from the start. This book made me excited to read more of the characters and other books by Lorraine Heath. 


  1. I love historical romances so gonna check out this one.

  2. This review makes me want to read it! You're right about the cover. It's not one that would make me pick up the book if I were browsing in a store.




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