07 October 2010

Review: Accidentally Dead - Dakota Cassidy

Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy
published 2009; paranormal romance
#2 in the Accidental Friends series
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Nina Blackman is not amused when on the first day of her new job she is bitten (not on purpose) by a man. A man who later explains to her that he is a vampire and that she is now also one. Nina is used to supernatural beings (one of her best friends is a werewolf!) but she wants to get back to being human and fights Mr. Vampire, oh so sexy and rich Greg Statleon, every possible way. She believes that there must be a way to go back to being human and won't let herself get distracted by Greg who's the first man who can handle her potty mouth. Will Nina will find a way to become human again or will she discover that being a vampire is not really that bad?

Accidentally Dead", the second book in the Accidental friends series, is just as fun and full of witty remarks as the first one. Nina is very opinionated and I love that she never backs down. The way she handled being a vampire felt right to me and I loved reading about her fights with Greg. Their relationship was full of chemistry and their more tender moments were beautiful.

I liked the storyline and also to learn more about Marty and Wanda. Especially the bickering between Marty and Nina made me laugh out loud several times. I was suprised by the way the storyline changed towards the end and think that it was the perfct way to finish the book. I'm definitely excited to continue with the series and to find out what is going on with Wanda in "The Accidental Human".

A great and fun cover. All of the covers in this series are superb.

overall appraisal
If you are looking for a light-hearted paranormal romance with a witty and loud heroine then this is the book for you. I love Dakota Cassidy's humour and that her characters are unique, likable and so entertaining. 


  1. I loved Nina! The next one made me cry and then demonic made me love Nina even more! I can't wait for Catty!

  2. Great review! I like to laugh, and you made me want to read it. I need to read her first one (I like to start with the first one).

  3. I love finding out about fun books! Great review!

  4. i sooo want to get this!!! i have been meaning to pick it up since about march!

    omg!!! theres a new one! accidently catty! i never knew about it...i really need to catch up on this series!

    great review!




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