21 September 2010

Review: Here there be monsters - Meljean Brook

Here there be monsters by Meljean Brook
published August 2010 in "Burning up"
Steampunk, #1 in the Iron Seas series
length: 104 pages

Ivy is desperate to flee from London and from the brutal Horde who already destroyed so many lifes. She is even willing to travel on Eben "Mad" Machen's pirate ship even though she fears him. But the prize she is supposed to pay is too high so she takes the change on another ship not knowing that Mad Machen is interested in her heart and not only her body.
Two years later they meet again and Ivy is forced to travel with Eben. Once again she fears him and is desperate not to end in bed with him. But through spending more and more time with him Ivy realizes that Eben is so much more than a ruthless pirate captain. Will they manage to change their relationship into something new and beautiful?

Gail Carriger and her books started my fascination with steampunk novels so I was excited to try a new series by another author. "Here there be monsters" captured my interest right from the first page and I enjoyed pretty much everything about this short story. 
The world Meljean Brook created is different from everything I've read about before. Her characters are wonderfully flawed and complex. I enjoyed the Science Fiction parts of the book, the nano technology is very interesting.  

The story never got boring and I was always excited to continue reading. I enjoyed the love story between Ivy and Eben a lot, I loved that both are a bit mad. 
I guess the "job" of a first book in a series is to introduce the world and characters and of course to make readers interested in reading more. "Here there be monsters" did this perfectly and I can't wait to get the next book "The Iron Duke" into my hands. 

The cover is ok, but of course not specifically designed for the short story so it's not fitting. 

final appraisal
An amazing short story set in a unique world full of fascinating characters. "Here there be monsters" is definitely a great start into the new Iron Seas series. If the next book in the series is this good then I will be a very happy reader.


  1. I read this one too and loved it. I can't wait for the Iron Duke to come out for more.

  2. I loved this story too! I'm so excited for The Iron Duke to be released- I may have to make it the first preorder I do with my Kindle!




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