30 September 2010

Review: Birthright - Nora Roberts

Birthright by Nora Roberts
published 2003
romantic suspense
bought my copy

Archaeologist Callie Dunbrook is excited to find out more about bones found at a construction site. The bones were found near the small town Woodsboro and Callie has no idea that her visit will change everything. Soon after arriving there is trouble with the owner of the construction site and also with Jack who's one of her co-workers and her ex-husband. Jake wants Callie back and will do eveything to get a second chance with her.
When a woman all of a sudden claims that Callie is her daughter who was kidnapped when she was a few months old everybody is shocked.  However when it turns out that this may be the truth Jake is there for Callie. Together they try to find out more about Callie's abduction and soon realize that there are people willing to do everything to stop them. Will they solve the mystery and will they give their love a second chance?

Right from the start of the book I was fascinated by Callie and her job. She's such a strong heroine and Jack is just as strong and stubborn as she is. They are one of my favourite pairs and I loved reading about them and their relationship. I also enjoyed reading about Callie's families and how she handled the complex and weird situation. Especially the scenes between Callie and her brother were impressive and also a bit heart-breaking. There are furthermore a lot of entertaining, romantic and sexy scenes.

The book contains a second love story and it's just as great as the one between Callie and Jake. The mystery part of the book was thrilling and together with the great characters and the two romances every page of "Birthright" was a joy to read. It's no wonder that this book is one of my favourite romantic suspense novels.

I like the UK cover even though it's nothing special and I would have loved to see a pic of the excavation site on the cover. 

final appraisal
"Birthright" has everything that I want in a romatic suspense book. It's thrilling, the plot is intelligent, the characters are strong and likeable and the love stories (Nora is so kind to give us two) are beautiful and sexy. This is one of the books I can't get enough of and IMO it's just perfect. 


  1. I agree with you, BIRTHRIGHT is a story to be re-read again and again. I have a permanent shelf with NR books and this one is among them. If I'm sick or just want a comfort read, this is one of them I grab ;)

  2. O sounds awesome! I'm always intrigued by stories where people find out they were adopted or stolen.

  3. I liked Birthright but I much prefer some of her earlier books.




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