28 September 2010

What is the dumbest thing someone said ...

As a reader of romance I'm used to hearing stupid comments about my books. Some people say that my books are "crap", "not real books" and "beneath them and their superior taste". 
People are not shy at all about getting personal and degrading when it comes to making fun of the books I read (they seem to have no manners!). When asked about my "pitiful" reading taste they expect me to say "Yes, you are so right. I have to stop reading this crap right now". I always answer that I couldn't care less about their opinion and when I ask them to explain what a "real" book is they have no idea. These people may like to read from time to time but they are for sure no book lovers. 

I know two people who are especially annoying about my books. One of them isn't interested in learning anything about romance and about the variety in this genre. For her all romances are the same. 
At first I tried to explain to her what romance is but then I realized that there is no reason to talk about the genre to someone who wants to stay ignorant. Whenever I see this person I have to smile because I know how many great books she misses. 

It gets even weirder when I'm reading an erotic romance with a hot cover. Often people react to sexy covers either totally shocked or very creepy. And people also think that it's ridiculous that I'm still reading young adult books although I'm over 20. Once again I privily pitty them because they miss so many fantastic stories.

Of course I also meet many cool people who love to read and are happy to talk about books even when our taste in reading is totally different. I love talking about books and some of my best friends are also book lovers. I think the motto "read and let read" is a good one but some people seem to disagree. 

I want to know what stupid and weird things people say about the books you are reading!


  1. I cannot recall what someone said to me but I get the same reaction about YA books and Fantasy stories.

    "Uhm what you are reading Teenie stories? Aren't you too old ?" I'm 32 but who cares? I mean as long as I love those books, why the f** should other people care?

    They look down at me for my reading taste, but oh well I could care less.

  2. This isn't something stupid someone said, it's what they did. At the last Friends of the Library sale I watched as three male volunteers (who were supposed to be setting up the non-fiction section) pick up a book, pass it around with grins on their faces, then proceed to throw it in the trash. I was outraged that they would even think they could make a judgement on the appropriateness of a book. I went to the trash and pulled it out. I was expecting that someone may have donated an erotic adult novel but whether it was or not I wasn't letting anyone censor the books for sale. It turned out to be a Harlequin romance! I guess these guys don't get around much if they found that cover racy.

  3. My favorite was when I was on vacation with my sister (who reads romance), as she was reading the latest Fern Michaels and had a stack at her bedside, she said to me... "Wow, you're reading the same trash that Mom reads." (I was reading an historical).

    Ummm..... hypocrite much?

  4. Well, I am not a romance lover, but I also don't criticize other people's tastes! I am an avid reader and the main comment I get is that I am a "nerd" because I like to read so much....

  5. You know. I'm in my mid-thirties (don't tell my kids they still think I'm twenty... at least they say they believe me) and still enjoy YA. Sometimes, it is silly but more often you just find really good books.
    I love doing reviews and occasionally find a book I don't like but I do think it's wrong to rate the author's skill on their book. They write what comes to them & if someone doesn't like it then find another author - there are plenty.
    I honestly don't like the covers. People make a lot of assumptions about books based on the cover. I've read many books with really racy covers that were absolutely G rated and vise versa. That's one of the main reasons I went with an ereader - now I can read what I want without others passing judgement!
    Keep writing dear - remember, you write for your fans not your critics!

  6. I'm with you. I always get bad remarks regarding my reading preferences. And some of these people have never read a book in their life so how would they know? I've had people say that its pornography without the pictures. My husband is a good example of someone who has never read a book but passes judgment on me but I ask him if he has ever watched and enjoyed a movie that had sex in it somewhere. He likes a movie even more if he gets to see a boobie. lol So it really bothers me when people won't even try reading a romance novel but still pass judgment. As for reading in public, that's why I love my Kindle.

  7. I'm always outraged when people who don't read themselves pass judgment on what I read. They don't read, what do they know about genres or anything?! Luckily I'm still young enough that nobody judges me for reading YA (yet).

  8. A friend of mine told me I read too many serieses. She was having trouble keeping track of which series I was reading. She also didn't understand how I could keep track myself. The thing about a good series is that you can fall back into the story no matter how long it's been!

  9. I think it is dumb that other people judge what people read. My husband thinks it is a waste of time and energy that I read fiction. He's a big reader, but all he reads are big computer books. He doesn't understand that I read for fun and to relax.

  10. Seems like people are the same all over the world.

    In my family we all love to read and everyone has a unique reading taste. My sister for example mostly reads classics (by Schiller, Goethe, etc.) and even though she reads "real and important" books she would never say that her books are more important or better, just different.
    She sometimes jokes about my romances (especially the ones by Mills & Boon) but she isn't serious.

  11. My Husband calls any and all of my books without differentiating "Smut Books"... He has always laughed at my love of the Paranormal genre, does not see the point of my fascination with Vampires/ Werwolves/Demons and other supernatural entities... However that said he still allows me to enjoy all my books, buys me whatever I desire to read and has no idea why I have spent so many hours of my life with my nose in a book! Poor man does not have a clue how much enjoyment he is missing!

    Someday may get an e-reader and not so much to "hide" the racy covers of most of my books but simply because space in my house has become overrun with my hobby and I would love to get some of it back!

    jackie ^_^

  12. I always get "you're reading porn again." My husband also thinks that "women get the wrong message from these books and think men are going to be like men in these books." I have to laugh at him. He loves that I read, though. He loves watching me read because I'm so into it. He's also an aspiring writer, so I'm his sounding board. And yes Jackie, an ereader would solve the problem with those racy covers and having books everywhere. I love mine!

  13. It bugs the heck out of me when people judge what other people are reading. Like their choices are so superior. Blech! I say bookworms should encourage bookworms.

  14. I am usually not embarrassed about anything I read.. But I think I have received more negative comments when I read Forensic fiction books (because they have bloody covers etc) rather than when i read books with sexy covers..
    But you know what they say?
    Don;t judge a book by its cover. Some books just might surprise you!

  15. well... I'm studying "komparatistik" (literary studies) at the university of Vienna and I get a lot of pitying looks and rude comments... mostly it's always the same: "shouldn't you know better?" "if you are studying literatures, shouldn't you know what a REAL book is?" "why would anybody read crap like that?"

    I can now honestly say I'm getting a hang of this whole "ignoring thing"
    I also don't let it bother me anymore... I mean seriously, why do I have to account for my reading taste? I love to read romantic fiction (although I have to say I definitely could do without all those half-naked people on the covers) and will keep on reading it, regardless of what other people say!

  16. Loved reading your answers, ladies.

    Schenni, I also get these comments from people at university. Especially from people who don't read at all. Makes me really wonder about them.

  17. Love, love this blog. It looks sooooo cheerful. Should I leave or stick around? I love romance. I love YA. I love books. I might stick around this happy place for a while.

  18. It reminds me of how much I hate the term "guilty pleasure." Why should I feel guilty for liking something snobs say is unacceptable? I like Shake N' Bake, Dammit, and I'm not guilty of anything.




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