31 August 2010

Review: Sprinkle with murder - Jenn McKinlay

Sprinkle with murder by Jenn McKinlay
published March 2010
light romantic suspense
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Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura couldn't be happier with their professional life. After years of dreaming about their own cupcake bakery they were finally able to open it with the help of their close friend Tate.
In their private life things are not so easy. Tate's fiancee Christie is a real bridezilla and designing the cupcakes for their wedding is a lot of trouble. When Christie is murdered things get even more complicated. Mel and Tate are both suspects and Mel decides that she needs to solve the murder to be able to move on with her life. 

When I saw the cover of "Sprinkle with murder" I hoped for a light-hearted story with great and likable characters. And that's exactly what I got. I was able to get into the story right from the start and finished the book in on day. It's easy to read and made me smile a lot. 
I liked reading about the friendship between Mel, Angie and Tate and loved learning more about them.

The mystery part is not very dark and it wasn't too easy to figure out who the killer is. 
I'm happy that "Sprinkle with murder" is the first book in a series because I want to read more about the three friends and want to see if Mel and Angie's brother Joe will have a relationship (hope so). 

So beautiful and delicious. Love the colours and the cover fits the book perfectly. 

final appraisal
A light-hearted and very entertaining story that concentrates on three close friends and of course delicious cupcakes. If you are looking for a book that helps you to relax for some hours and makes you smile a lot then this one is for you.

Cupcake Balery Mysters series
1. Sprinkle with murder
2. Buttercream bump off


  1. I love the cover! I will have to check these out. Nice rievew!

  2. That is a very cute cover and sounds like it was a light fun read. Recommending this one to my sister!

  3. OH my goodness, I have to have this book! It looks awesome :)

  4. This looks really good. I'm looking it up right now to put on my to read list.

    Oh, I have an award for you on my blog. Please stop by and get it when you can. *smiles*

  5. I just love your place here! I have a little award for you at my blog. Stop by and pick it up HERE whenever you get the chance! :P

  6. Sounds delicious and totally up my alley :)

  7. Sabrina,

    Thanks so much for the lovely review! I am
    havingsuch fun writing the cupcake series
    that it always makes me happy when I hear a reader has enjoyed it as well!

    Happy reading!




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