17 August 2010

Review: Riding Temptation - Jaci Burton

Riding Temptation by Jaci Burton
published 2008
erotica / erotic contemporary romance
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Jessie couldn't be more excited that she is finally given her first real job. Diaz, Spence and she are going undercover in a biker gang in search of extreme survivalists who deal with weapons.
Jessie is not only eager to show what she learned in the last years with the Wild Riders furthermore she finally wants to get closer to Diaz. She has been attracted to him for years and now wants to find out if he also feels more for her. At first Diaz is able to deny his feelings for Jessie but soon he is powerless against her sturbbornness. However Jessie wants more from Diaz than very hot and kinky sex, she wants his love. Will they be able to get the bad guys and will Jessie be able to convince Diaz that he doesn't need to fear loving her?

The second book in the Wild Rider series was a pure joy to read. Right from the start I liked Diaz and especially Jessie. I loved how she believed in him and knew that he would never hurt her. It was sweet to see how Diaz finally learned to trust into himself and to let go of the past. Jessie is a great heroine, she's strong, sexy as hell and also just a good person. She cares for her friends and is eager to prove herself. She's just the right person for Diaz and will make him laugh a lot.
The sex scenes between them are very hot and kinky. You might want to get a fan before reading this book :)

The case they investigate is interesting and not too dark. The story is fast-paced and never gets boring. I enjoyed learning more about Spence and can't wait to read his book. 

I don't really know what to think of it and IMO it doesn't fit the book. It's not bad just weird. I would have wished for something a bit hotter and maybe a man and a woman side by side on their bikes (or together on one). 

final appraisal
I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to read more of the Wild Riders. I especially liked the main characters and the storyline. The balance between the love story and the very hot sex scenes felt perfect to me. 

Wild Rider series
1. Riding Wild (2008)
2. Riding Temptation (2008)
3. Riding on Instinct (2009)
4. Riding the Edge in Nauti and Wild (2010) - read my review here
5. Riding the Night (2010)


  1. I'm currently reading RIDING THE NIGHT and I just enjoy these Wild Riders. Who can resist a bad-boy on a bike? I agree with you that JB knows how to keep a wonderful balance in her smut and romance :) I hope you get to love RIDING ON INSTINCT just as much as you did this one!

  2. Yeah that you already have Riding the Night, I love the synopsis of it. Hope it's as good as it sounds.

  3. I love the premise of these books! I'll definitely have to try them :) brilliant review :)

  4. I haven't read anything by Jaci Burton yet I'll have to change that soon especially if fans are required for reading!




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